Lone parent families dysfunctional ?

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Assess the views that Lone Parent families are dysfunctional.

'The percentage of single parent families has increased in the last decade as a result of an increasing divorce rate and changing social attitudes'

There are an estimated 1.75million one-parent families in Britain, which is nearly a quarter of all families, followed by having ninety per cent of lone parents being women's and more than half of Lone-parent families live below the poverty line.

Now consider the impacts on a child’s behavior and social attitude towards life within this institution of ‘Single Parenting’.

Many sociologists such as Peter Townsend would believe that lone parent families are the result of an ineffective welfare system.

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These scenarios cause different behavioral aspects on the child's moral attitudes, mentally and socially, let alone all the affects on the parents themselves who most significantly deal with situations such as their income, benefits, employment, housing and day care. 

Women have tended to have higher expectations towards marriage and are less satisfied (Thornes and Collard 1979), this causes them to access a fast and cheap process of divorce with such act being the ‘norm’ in society.

Other lone parents are widowed (6%), comparing to the 53% divorced.

New Right thinkers such as Murray suggest that single parenting ...

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