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An Ideal Student

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An ideal student A bird is known by his note, the man by his words and a student, by his performance. In his or own right all students want to perform well and achieve success. They want to achieve their ideals. Their aspirations are not misplaced, but it must not become an obsession. They must know their capabilities and must aspire for only that much. Running after ideals, one reads in fairy tales and books is like a wild goose chase. An ideal student can be described as one who is always successful in all his ventures, never makes mistakes and hardly encounters failures. ...read more.


A wise student would do well to recognize his strengths, talents and work on them to achieve success. He can go about this in an organized manner, by disciplining his life style. Firstly, a student should develop a strong will power, which will help him to resist temptations and build his concentration. This in turn will increase his comprehending capacity and in the process help him develop a logical mind. A student who is able to analyze and think logically will be able to overcome many hurdles which he may face and thus will achieve success. Is this not an achievement in itself? ...read more.


They must recognize their faults, as a fault confessed is half redressed. Everyone can find faults but only a few can do better. So a successful student learns from his mistakes and moves ahead. Just as there is no garden without weeds, life too, is not devoid of difficulties. A good student must learn to weed them out with patience and perseverance. An oak tree is not felled at one stroke. Likewise success too cannot be achieved in just one trial. Failure is the stepping-stone to success. To conclude, here is a short message for students who want to get close to their ideals: Your talent, you must realize, Your mistakes you must recognize, Your skills, you must utilize, Your energies you must channelise, And, the devil in you, you must exorcise. ...read more.

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