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Business GCSE unit 1 A3

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Alton Towers Coursework. Lily Enefer A3. In A3 I will suggest and justify changes or improvements to features Alton Towers could make to make the business more successful and improve it. Type of ownership Different types of ownership there is are Sole Trader, Partnership, Private Limited Company and Public Limited Company. Alton Towers are currently a Private Limited Company (LTD) and are owned my MEG, meaning that member of the public can only buy shares in MEG if they are asked to. By changing to a Public Limited Company, Alton Towers could become more known globally and attract more customers because they would have a higher profile from being on the stock exchange. ...read more.


By doing this Alton Towers would appeal to wheelchair users, widening their range of customers. The disabled people would come from schools, groups etc which would increase their profits. Another advantage of doing this is that Alton Towers would no longer be criticised for not providing services for disabled people. Location Alton Towers is situated in England near the middle of the UK. This is ideal for them because they have a large amount of land and users travel from all over the UK to visit them. To improve sales and attract more customers Alton Towers could make more use of the land, and even expand on it to build more rides to attract all age ranges. ...read more.


If Alton Towers were to invest in rides for wheelchair users they would need to think of more appealing rides but for wheelchair users and keep other customers coming to the park. Merlin Entertainment Group would aim to sell shares, so they could obtain the necessary income for expansion of the Alton Towers and for the building of new theme parks that are franchises of Alton Towers. Other Changes Another thing Alton Towers could add to their theme park is an animal park/zoo, this is because it is suitable for all the family, and would attract more customers to visit the theme park and zoo ands stay over at the Alton Towers hotel. ...read more.

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