Cadbury Dairy milk product mix.

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Cadbury Dairy milk product mix:

Cadbury Product: Cadbury Dairy Milk is UK best chocolate and was created in 1905.  Recently, Cadbury Dairy Milk is sold in 33 countries and it globally well known brand. At the present more than 250 million bars sold every year. The Cadbury Dairy Milk comes with different taste so Cadbury customers’ can enjoy the taste, these Cadbury Dairy Milk flavours are:

  • Whole Nut
  • Fruit & Nut
  • Apricot Crumble
  • caramel
  • Cranberry
  • Granola
  • Double chocolate

Product quality; each of these Cadbury Dairy Milk contains ½ pound glass and a half full of fresh liquid milk. The product also is free from the artificial colour, salt and soya.  Cadbury also provides for their customers the products nutrition on the website and on the product package. These features has encouraged the customers’ to buy the Cadbury dairy milk chocolate as every one want to enjoy eat a quality chocolate.

Cadbury Pricing strategy: 

Affordable price: The price of the chocolate bar must be reasonable and also it must include all costs such as the raw material, the staff wages, the VAT price and the bills. Cadbury may also use a specific pricing strategy to increase the demand, for example:

 Discounts strategy, this strategy will help to attracts the customers; it also will increase the product awareness and popularity in the market. Discounts can be used to beat the competitor price such as Galaxy and Mars.

Pricing is an important key to Cadbury as if the calculation of the price went wrong then the impact will be on the whole company and on the Cadbury stakeholders.

Place (distribution): Cadbury distribution means where you can find Dairy Milk .Cadbury Dairy Milk is available in the large supermarkets, online, in the bookshops such as WHsmith, in the corner shop and in most coffee shops, the Dairy Milk chocolate also available in some pharmacy such as Boots and in petrol station. Cadbury has made their products available every where so they can reach their customers. The dairy milk chocolate also is available in 33 countries.

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Cadbury has been used a several methods to promote and to raising awareness of their products. For example, Cadbury Dairy Milk use sponsorship to target their customers, they also sponsor Coronation Street as part of their advertisement. Cadbury’s Dairy Milk sponsors Coronation Street because it’s one of Britain’s most famous and watched programmes and they advertise Cadbury Dairy Milk bars straight after the programme has finished or taken a break so that people get to see the advertisement of Cadbury’s straight after the programme. 

In addition Cadbury promotes the Dairy Milk products on the internet (website), Cadbury has ...

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