In this paper, we give emphasis on the human resource management process of Autobus Transport System, Inc.

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Human Resource Management (HRM), as defined, is the management of various activities designed to enhance the effectiveness of an organization’s work force in achieving organizational goals.

In this paper, we give emphasis on the human resource management process of Autobus Transport System, Inc. In investigating the subject, we focus on the following topics: various aspects of staffing the organization, method of training the organization’s members, evaluating their performance, and the important issues with regards to compensation and maintaining effective work-force relationships.

Autobus Transport System, Inc., at present, with its three hundred thirty four employees, has been consistently serving daily trips to eleven towns and cities in the Northern Region. Autobus seeks to be at the forefront of the transportation and travel industry in the Island of Luzon within the next three years. In order to achieve this goal, they established a good human resource management. Moreover, the Autobus Transport System, Inc., has one department, the Personnel Administration Department, that handles personnel management. For this paper, the researchers spoke with Mr. Rodrigo San Pedro the Personnel Administration Manager of Autobus Transport System, Inc.

Having an in-depth knowledge regarding the Human Resource Department of an organization greatly benefits an individual. The following points can signify this:

  • For individuals who are aspiring to engage in business ventures in the future, an understanding about human resource management will positively affect the success of a business.
  • Human resource is a crucial element in the strategic success of existing companies. Therefore, the management need to focus extensive studies and research regarding this matter.
  • Effective utilization of human resources within a company can only be done if one has sufficient knowledge concerning

The areas covered in this report are:

  • Company Background
  • Company History
  • Business Mission
  • Corporate Vision
  • Rules and Regulations
  • Organizational Structure

  • Human Resource Management
  • Staffing
  • Compensation
  • Training and Development
  • Evaluation/Appraisal
  • Managing Work Issues

This research is intended only to take a peek into the Human Resource Department of Autobus Transport System, Inc., due to lack of time and preparation. Further extensive research has to be conducted to know more about the Human Resource Process of the said organization.


Autobus Transport System, Inc. started its operation in November 11, 1993. With a total of sixty buses plying the Ilocos and Cagayan Valley routes. Its original office was located at Sto. Domingo Avenue, Sta. Mesa Heights, Quezon City, with booking office and pick-up station at Earnshaw St., Sampaloc Manila. In search of a better exposure to its clientele the company transferred its terminal at Dimasalang corner Laong-Laan St. Sampaloc, Manila in April 13, 1994.

Inspired with the vision of its chairman, Mr. Gregorio Araneta III, to become the leader in Provincial Transportation, the company acquired ten brand new M.A.N. units to augment its fleet plying Cagayan Valley route in April 1995.

In April 1996, the main office was transferred to Dimasalang terminal station to give way to the construction project at the chairman’s property in Sto. Domingo. The Maintenance/Motorpol Department was transferred to Asialand, Pangarap, Kalookan City.

In line with its expansion program, the company again acquired ten brand new Mercedes Benz units in November of the same year, to beef up operations in the Ilocos regions. Additional five units were acquired by the end of the year in time for its holiday operations. This time to reinforce its fleet for the Cagayan Valley route.

Calendar year 1996 had been a significant year,—with the installation of its computerized information system which contributed significantly in its organization and direction. This gave ASTI a better focus on financial and operational management, thus giving way to its expansion program ahead.

In year 1997, another fifteen brand new units had been acquired together with ten new engines for re-powering. Additional seven units were released during 1998, and in the first quarter of 1999 another brand new fifteen units with body number 511-515 and 133-142 plying on different routes have been added to serve our passengers much better. In addition, they have six executive coaches plying Manila-Laoag City, Tuguegarao City and Tabuk, Kalinga.

At present, ATSI, with its three hundred thirty four employees, has been consistently serving daily trips to eleven towns and cities in the Northern Region namely: Baguio City, Laog City, Tuguegarao City, Mallig, Iligan Roxas, Tabuk, Angadanan, Madela, Alicia and Pampanga.


The purpose of our business

During the planning session of Autobus Transport Systems, Inc. last February 19, 1996; its chairman Gregorio Araneta III delivered an inspirational talk. Drawing from his talk EFF and Associates, ATS’s management consultant in coordination with the company’s managers and key staff, crafted the mission statement or credo of Autobus.

“Autobus cares for the travellers. Our mission is to provide them their transport and other

travel-needs in a timely and efficient manner. The values of safety, comfort, cleanliness,

and courtesy are our utmost concern in serving the traveller.

Autobus cares for its employees. We believe in sharing with our employees the

responsibility and the profits of our efforts. We believe in providing our employees the

opportunities for continuing education, career enhancement and personal growth.

The integrity of Autobus’s manager is the honour of its stockholders. Together, they

strive to nurture a lean and keenly caring organization.

We in Autobus are a family dedicated to professional service with a proprietary concern

for the travellers and the company’s resources. With mutual respect, trust and confidence

among us and with Divine Guidance, we shall sow the mission of the company and reap

our fair rewards.”

It is the duty of ATS’s managers to ingrain the company’s mission in themselves and in the minds and hearts of ATS’s staff. Strategies are launched to realize this mission (with the vision to be discussed below as end points to be reached) in the company’s business journey. Structure and systems are installed to professionally deliver the desired business results. The mission and vision of the company are articulated and elaborated through open communication and exemplary or symbolic actions.

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These are what one can glean from Autobus’s mission statement:

Autobus’s business is not just to provide bus transportation service. It aims to provide in a timely and efficient manner the transport as well as other travel-needs (or goods and other service needs) of the traveller.

Autobus, stands for caring. It cares for its customer for its employees, and its managers, not to mention its other stockholders.

Integrity, professionalism, and efficiency are the values to which ATS’s management and employees are committed. Each one’s proprietary concern for the company’s resources as well as the travellers will ...

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