Recruitment, Retention & Dismissal

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Task: The Human Resources Function

Recruitment, Retention & Dismissal

        The human resources department is responsible for recruiting new staff to the organization. Recruiting new staff can be an expensive process especially if mistakes are made. A company would need to recruit new staff when they are not getting their job done within the time set. Tesco are opening more stores and aim to grow in the UK so they are as good in non-food products as they are in food products, therefore they will require new staff to cater for the new opening stores. Tesco could also have a need for recruitment because staff may leave, be dismissed, be on maternity or parental leave or even demand.

        It is important Tesco get the recruitment process right because if mistakes are made they will have extra expenses, because the managers and deputy managers have to be paid to sit and analyze all the applicants. For example, if the wrong person is recruited and for any possible reason they decide to leave or are asked to leave, the recruitment process will be retaken. Tesco have a specific recruitment policy to prevent mistakes being made. Tesco also have to ensure newly recruited staff, are trained in treating people with equal opportunities and Health & Safety.

        Tesco attracts applicants by:-

  • Advertise in the local newspaper describing the job
  • Advertise in local stores (on the billboards)
  • Advertise on the internet
  • Recruitment Fairs
  • Job Centres
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The process of recruitment can also be expensive because the company will have to pay to advertise for the job and for the length of the job description describing the job role.

        The HR departments help the store to achieve its aims in staff availability and as well as helping the store to meet customer demands. The HR Department also offer each member of staff the opportunity to increase their staff flexibility within the business by way of training, in attempt to minimize the level of staff turnover. Tesco also try to keep staff within the company by way of ...

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