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Tesco's organisational structure

Extracts from this document...


Task 1 Organisation: TESCO plc Our Mission TESCO is a company, which is dedicated to professional management of both people and property. They are committed to each other through mutual respect and support. We realize the importance of individual growth in order to strengthen the whole. They invest in the development of the individual through training, education and reward. TESCO is committed to serve our owners, our residents, agencies and each other with integrity, fairness and honesty. They seek a balance between preservation of our resources and realization of profit. TESCO's strive to combine accuracy and reliability with accountability. TESCO is a caring organization that endeavours to exhibit PRIDE IN EXCELLENCE AIMS AND OBJECTIVE > TO INCREASE PROFIT: TESCO 's profits have topped analysts' forecasts, coming in at �1.4bn, with turnover up 11.5% at �28.6bn. Britain's biggest food retailer also said it had achieved its target for emerging markets as underlying operating profits rose 78% to �212m. Analysts had forecast that the underlying pre-tax profit would be between �1.33bn and �1.39bn. Six years ago, TESCO launched a four-pronged plan to drive growth in food, non-food, and retail services like banking and overseas hypermarkets in places like Asia and central Europe. > TESCO expands TESCO has been expanding more than ever for previous six years "Six years on our strategy remains the same. It is no longer the same TESCO," CEO Terry Leahy said. "We have faster growth accessing more areas of opportunity and we look forward to growing the business further in a challenging market," he added. TESCO is expanding more profitable non-food lines like clothing and growing overseas as its domestic market slows. In Britain, where consumer confidence is slipping, TESCO's like-for-like sales growth was 4.1% over the year, with volume growth of 5%. > Jobs boost In TESCO jobs rate was growing steadily for the last six years. This was slower than the 4.8% growth rate the retailer reported in January for the seven weeks to January 4. ...read more.


Stores staff He will store and monitor stock of all raw materials and components. He will issue them as required by them. Factory operatives They will under take all the production and assembling activities of manufactured products by machines or by hand and they check they have done the entire task. Rights And Responsibilities Of Employee And Employer The right of the employee is not far different from responsible of employers and the right of employers is also not far different from responsible of employees. Rights and responsibilities of employees Rights of employee To work in a safe and healthy environment To receive statutory sick pay (SSP) during illness To itemized pay statements To return to work after illness To time off work for public duties, for example, jury services To receive written particulars of employment within two months of starting work To provide information about your rights There should not be any unlawful deductions from pay There should be equal pay for women and men for same kind of work There should not be unfairly dismissal Women's should allow taking maternity leave and return to work after leave To be treated equally and fairly There should not be discriminated against on grounds of race, s*x, disability Responsibilities of Employee To turn in time To meet health and safety regulations To meet the aims and objectives of the business To provides good services To maintain standard quality in their work To obey the terms and conditions in the contract of employment To act in a good faith To take care of your employer property The Rights And Responsibilities Of Employers Employer rights Employees are expected to comply with the terms and conditions of their employments contract Employees are expected to comply with health and safety regulations Employers may take appropriate disciplinary actions against an employee who does not comply with their terms of contract or health and safety regulations or who commits offences against fellow workers or their organisation Employers have their rights to ...read more.


Tesco used to check their availability of product and order them at right time so they can provide better services. They do not want to disappoint the customers and they advert their prospectus and advertise their financial performance to attract new shareholders so they can get more money, which will help them expand worldwide. Tesco need to communicate very well because they are running their business at international level. If a business wants to expand worldwide or want to create new jobs they need to make profit. Tesco makes 3 million profit a day and serving more than billions of customers per week. Tesco need to check there expire dates and quality of their product so that their customers are not affected. Tesco arranges meeting with the staff so they can discuss and create new ideas and feedback about their services and Tesco used to communicates with customers and take their ideas and complaints to improve their services. Tesco uses to give written warning to their employees and the person who breaches the employment contract and they finally dismiss them they have written evidence and they can use it for future references and they employ the staff that can take care of their customers. Tesco uses overhead projector to analyse the profit forecast with the employees and accountant which is very expensive and Tesco used to arrange meetings with their senior manager so they can get a better decision and to solve problem and this will help them to make profit and expand. Tesco provide walkie- talkie to their security guard to protect their premise and customer belonging in the stores. Tesco use e-mails, mobile phones, and pager and fax to communicate within their employees to pass any urgent information in terms of emergencies such as break down of machines, raw materials needed this will help them to provide good services to the customers. Tesco writes letters to their customer about the nectar value or the amount due to them by the customers. ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE People in Business section.

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Here's what a teacher thought of this essay

4 star(s)

**** Parts of this deserve more stars, other parts less. It is mostly well researched but does not have a clear structure to help the reader. It is hard to tell what is fact and what is analysis by the writer. At times it just looks like the writer has written everything they know about Tesco and hope that it meets the brief.

Marked by teacher David Salter 01/12/2012

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