Analysis of the Film Version of Macbeth.

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Analysis of the Film Version of Macbeth

I have decided to look at the modern version of Shakespeare's Macbeth. Within this play, I will look at the costumes of the actors, the language and the setting of the play.

The director of this film has decided not to go with the normal stereotypical Macbeth - as in the old style looks like costume and character. He has opted for a much more modern version of the play.

Macbeth and the other men are normally draped in the old fashioned 'figure-hugging' tunics whilst clutching swords for their weapons. In this version though, top class suits have been chosen - black jacket and pants, with an ice white shirt. I believe that this outfit has been chosen to reflect the modern day image. When Macbeth becomes covered in Duncan's blood, the white of the shirt makes it stand out a lot more and makes it seem a lot worse. The blood will stain the white shirt meaning that it will be a memento of the evil he has commited. Macbeth will always see the clearness of the white shirt mixed with the darkness of the blood, red, pictured in his mind. The swords have been exchanged for the more recent handgun. The fact that Macbeth always has a weapon at the ready may suggest that he is willing to kill. The handgun reflects the time the play is set in which has branched from the old times and shows we are now in a much more powerful era. Lady Macbeth is dressed like the modern day woman, making her look beautiful and helping to give an innocent image which is a contrast to her personality with which she creates a powerful hold over Macbeth. The light colours of the dress, help to show her as a good, innocent person compared to the black darkness of Macbeths suit. The witches are dressed in dark colours with hints of white, showing their almost pure evilness over-rules the good within them.

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The language has hardly changed from the original script of the play. I think this has been done to contrast the modern day to the olden day. I think it worked out rather from well. There are certain parts of these acts in which Macbeth is thinking to himself about things. In some versions of Macbeth, the director decided to go with Macbeth thinking out loud. Not in this one though. Instead, the director opted to go for a voice over whilst Macbeth was thinking. I think that this makes the thoughts seem a lot more personal. There is ...

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