A right to reply - teenagers in the media letter.

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Editor: Paul Dacre

The Daily Mail,

Northcliffe House,

2 Derry Street,

London W8 5TT

Reece Buckle
288 Beaver Lane,
Ashford, Kent,
TN23 5PG

Dear Mr Dacre.

I’m writing in response to the criticizing nature in which teenagers are adversely represented by your paper, and employees. The article is broadly negative about the whole programme, education, teachers and pupils in general.  Levy & Davidson repeatedly and purposely highlight every bad aspect of the first episode, and future episodes to come. And with Nick Seaton, relate them to us teenagers in many ways, such as the controversial ‘What sort of example is this to set our children’ which is highly likely to entice conflict. That’s practically discriminating us ‘children’, insulting our self-discipline, saying we’re liable to be influenced by individuals within the show. Throughout the article there are more examples like this which belittle us on a whole.

Later on, a single person is described as ‘Panda eyed’ and unrightfully prejudiced against for asking ‘What is Pi? Where does it come from?’ Levy & Davidson present her asking this question as thick, and ignorant. Although is this really a stupid question? Because I myself, do not know where Pi originated from. Mr Goddard also states ‘we have a very comprehensive intake’ so why is there the need to specifically focus and mock less abled pupils? Many aspects of the article revolve around similar points like this.

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The best part of a whole paragraph is directed towards an ill behaved student named ‘Carmelita’. Levy & Davidson repeatedly highlight aspects like these within their article, giving an overall substandard representation of both the teachers, and pupils. This doesn’t do any justice for either my own dignity, or other teenagers within the same generation. Nick Seaton states ‘if this is an outstanding school then it doesn’t say much for the rest.’ This point effectively associates any bad aspects of Educating Essex with other schools. That includes and targets their teachers, pupils and myself, in a very unfavourable light.

I ...

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