A summary of the opening two chapters of Wuthering Heights.

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The opening of the novel is started with a date (1801) and is written in first person narrative, `I have just returned from a visit to my land lord`, the novel is presented in this way to give the sense that this story is a transcript from someone’s diary or memory on the events that have already occurred. This is important because it lets the feeling and emotions of the person or persons of the time and can give deeper depth to it. It can also make the emotions biased, which will give the reader certain opinions towards certain characters such as the incident between Mr heathcliff and Mr Lockwood; Heathcliff being the unwelcoming villain `walk in was uttered with closed teeth`, and Lockwood being the poor innocent gentlemen, `I hope that I have not inconvenienced you` Mr Lockwood (narrator) is presented as a vulnerable gentlemen that is almost abused by the cold unwelcoming people that seem to be maintaining a barrier towards him. There is evidence of this when he I attacked by the dogs, showing that even the dogs are unwelcoming; and all Heathcliff does to aid the man is to laugh, Heathcliff’s coutence relax into a grin` The audience reading this would have been very biased because of the depth of detail Lockwood goes into about these events, this is all produced from the 1st person narrative being
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used. There are many occurrences throughout the play that portray a certain amount of enclose towards Mr Lockwood, such as, in the first chapter there is evidence of enclosure in the lines `I do not believe that I could have fixed on a situation so completely removed from society`, I believe she puts this very close to the beginning, to produce a picture which that she will build upon, later in the novel. The image of enclosure is being developed by lines including `Guest are so exceedingly rare…, hardly know how to receive them.` There is evidence that the novel, ...

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