Act 5 scene 2 of the play 'Othello'.

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In act 5 scene 2 of the play ‘Othello’, we witness Othello killing his wife Desdemona because Iago tricked him into believing that she was committing adultery. Throughout the play Iago fooled Othello into believing that his wife was cheating on him, this story line climaxes in this final scene when Othello kills Desdemona then takes his own life in remorse.

After reading William Shakespeare’s classic, wrote in the 19th century, I watched Oliver Parkers film adaptation (1995). The lighting, costumes, camera shots, music, scenery and actors were all used to great effect to portray the drama that ensued in the film. As in all film adaptations there are many differences to the story line, mainly because the script describing what is going on in the background is not needed in a film as we can see what is going on. This is illustrated in lines 20-22 as they are omitted because they are unnecessary due to the close up shots, which clearly show Othello weeping.

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There are many uses of lighting in a film. Oliver Parker uses lighting to great effect at the beginning of Act 5 Scene 2. He sets the scene by using very subdued lighting; this technique reflects the impending doom and Othello’s, dark dull frame of mind. Desdemona’s chamber gradually becomes darker as Othello extinguishes the candles as he walks down the hallway towards Desdemona. This signifies that Othello is indeed going to kill Desdemona who was the ‘light of his life’ before the whole escapade. His approach towards his wife is slow and deliberate, helping to build up the ...

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