Albert Camus

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What messages does Camus have for the readers and why do we think the book was popular with the people of his generation?

Albert Camus was a man of many great potential prospects. In his books he captures the absurdity of living and “the idea that human life has no redeeming meaning of its purpose” and that no matter life threats you there is one certainty and that is death. Camus wrote his famous book “the outsider” during the 1940’s, it became an instant well-liked book by the teenagers. In this essay I will try to explore Camus’ explanation of life and obstacles that one must face before death.

         Meursaults mother had previously passed away and yet he shows no pain upon this sorrowful occasion, “mama died today or yesterday maybe, I don’t know”. This indicates to us that Meursault paid little attention to his mothers needs and therefore upon receiving the news of her death he should no heartache. The “I don’t know” suggest to me that he didn’t care and really couldn’t be bothered to receive any more of her news. This was being portrayed even further in the book when he said “that doesn’t mean anything, maybe it was yesterday. This gives us the impression that Meursault is in fact a naked man with no emotions what so ever. This was one of the events that lead him to his final destination toward the end of the book.

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Soon enough Meursault rose from his supposing grief over his mother and decides to go to the beach. While there he encountered a meeting with one of his old crush Marie Cardona, “I fancied her at that time” shows us that even though he was not distress with his mothers death he still has a soft side towards women “I brushed against her breast”. Mersault shows no inevitability in life and that the world around him makes no sense to him and that he’d rather live by his own rules and for this, some people refer to him as a ...

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