Analysis of Richard Cory

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These different articles about Richard Cory presented to us show us three different viewpoints of the same story. The three different articles cover the same information, but the way they use the characteristics of writing to convey us their message is uniquely different.  The first article is a newspaper article; this article is based around a typical tabloid story. The second piece of writing is the poem, “Richard Cory” it’s self, and this article of writing seems to be almost like a fable, and it wants you to dig deeper into the sublimed meaning of it. The third piece of writing that we are presented with is the medical examiner’s report.  This report does not seem to be like a typical medical report, and it seems to be a extremely graphical description of the death, but it does not give any other information besides the method by which he was killed or present us with any background information of Rickard Cory, unlike the other two pieces of writing. One can infer from the fact that each of the articles are presented from a individual perspective,  and a new perspective needs to be created, with the information presented to us in  the other articles,  we can  piece together a complete story without information solid as a gridlock.

Starting with the newspaper article, the article seems to be a short summary of the events that occurred to Richard Cory the night he shot himself. This article’s purpose seems to be to inform the public about a tragic event that occurred to a well known figure in the community. It is almost like an obituary and a murder/suicide investigation fused together in the span of one article. The source of the piece is a newspaper, so the selection of facts is pretty general because the newspaper just wants to get the general facts out to the public to get the people a broad idea of the incident. The facts that are included are his age, his occupation, time of death, weapon of choice, an interview with a friend of his, type of death, and they also included any ideas that they were going to pursue. The writer arranged the facts in order of argentines and in order of importance, the author first told us about the death, than details of the death, than what other people thought, than information about the investigation, and lastly they told us the personal information of Richard Cory. The diction that was used in this article is notable; it is simple, yet simultaneously stylish. The tone of the author seems to be in respect to the death of Richard Cory, it’s almost like the article is feeling sad about his death.  

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The next article that is given to us is the poem of Richard Cory. This poem is quite significant because the style of writing it uses is deceptively clever; it wants to hold the secret of the moral, but at the same time it wants the reader to find out the moral so they can learn its lesson. The purpose of the poem is for reader to use their own interpretation to find out what the poem wants to tell the reader. It is presenting the reader with all of the facts, but the reader must assemble them and learn ...

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