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Asperger's Syndrome Letter

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Transfer-Encoding: chunked ´╗┐Dear Teachers, In my years of teaching children with Asperger?s syndrome I?ve come to know that majority of educators don?t know how to behave when a child demonstrates symptoms of Asperger?s syndrome. Asperger syndrome is a form of autism, which is a lifetime disability that has emotional impact on how a person makes sense of the world, processes information and relates to other people. There are people that don?t know they have Asperger?s syndrome when they are young. This is the reason why Asperger?s syndrome is referred to as the ?hidden disability.? The first test is to recognise that Asperger's Syndrome presents serious challenges for both the student and you. It can be extremely misleading, almost covered up to the untrained eye at first. Students with Asperger's Syndrome can, at times, look and act identically to their developing peers. Further, these students have a tendency to execute as well or better intellectually over their classmates, which has the possibility to mask the effects of the disorder. The students with Asperger?s syndrome would sometimes make you feel like you?re unstable for your profession. ...read more.


He struggled to understand what my intentions was and found it extremely hard to keep eye contact with me. Many students with Asperger?s syndrome experiences difficulty with eye contact; it is extremely hard for them to focus their eyes on a person for an extended period of time. Restricted eye contact is a part of the disability. Don't demand an Asperger?s student to look you in the eye as I wrongly did. Explaining something to a child with Asperger?s syndrome staff need to explain in detail whether it?s something, like not being in school for a day. If possible teachers should inform students? early hand that they have exams. It enables them to relax as they know what to expect. Another thing teachers should do is explain the activity to students with Asperger?s syndrome as many times it takes them to understand and ask simple questions to them so you?ll know if they comprehend what you?re saying. This would make children with Asperger?s syndrome feel more comfortable with the surrounding. As a teacher you shouldn?t be super strict on a student for breaking something. ...read more.


Children with Asperger?s syndrome should have the options to attend mainstream school without being characterised as children that should be only attending special school. This would not only teach children that students with autism can?t fit into society and would be recognised as ?social outcast?, but that adults with disability would struggle in finding jobs because of the stereotypes. Children that have autism should be able to attend mainstream school. The staff should be taught and inspected because it?s a known fact that majority of students are influenced by teachers in school because they are being taught by them. In general, it is a struggle to educate someone with Asperger?s Syndrome, but every child has the right to be educated. When striving to understand someone with a different viewpoint and understanding of life you need to step away from the negative thoughts, feelings and beliefs in order for you to view the situation objectively. When a student involved has Asperger?s syndrome staff need to be patient and sympathetic to the student going through common symptoms of autism. You shouldn?t be subjective to any student, but you should be considerate to students with autism because they face difficulty in understanding certain things that most people generally understand. ...read more.

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