Creative writing - write about a time you panicked

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It was once again, I ran out of the school boundary, tears dripping down my cheeks, making my way past the secluded alleys and into the quiet haven of the neighbouring houses, I could almost hear the dust particles float around the atmosphere. There was no more voices, not more cried, no more laughter.

I sat there and cried, I cried at all the things that happened to day and painfully, images started to flash back into my mind. The moment when the tougher boys laughed at me at lunch time, laughing at my lack of social status, laughing at the fact I had no friends. At break time the bigger, stronger boys cornering me on the playground, spitting at me just to make themselves feel better.

The sun was beginning to set now, casting a grey and orange tone over the skline. It signalled that I had to be home now, otherwise my parents would begin to suspect where I was and what I was doing. I ran home and slammed the door on way in, throwing the school bag at the bottom of the stairs and running up to my room without communicating with my parents.

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These episodes of bullying had gone on for days now and thoughts of suicide had begun to come into my head. It would be much better if I did commit suicide, I would be free from all the pain. O would be free from this life. It would be good way to die, making all the people that treated you poorly feel bad about their actions and feeling like they should’ve treated you a lot better. Many options were open to me, I had thought of jumping off a bridge, maybe lying on the train track, the more I thought ...

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