Critical Evaluation of a Novel - Journey's End by R.C. Sherriff.

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Critical Evaluation of a Novel

Journey’s End by R.C. Sherriff

Journey’s End by R.C.Sherriff is a dramatic 19th century play about the happenings in the British Trenches, during the First World War. The play of Journey’s End is set in a dug-out in the British trenches before St.Quentin. The drama is set in 1918. Journey’s End is a true and typical story about what life really would have been like in the British Trenches during the war. In all of the chapters R.C.Sherriff is able to successfully create the right atmosphere. He is also able to convey the feelings of the characters in a way that you as the reader are experiencing all the happenings that take place throughout the play. The characters in Journey’s End are all chosen well and fit in well with the story. We have Captain Stanhope who is commander of the company. Osborne, Trotter, Hibbert and Raleigh who are officers of the company, Hardy who is an officer of another company and Mason the cook. Conflict between the characters in this play is a central to understanding. Perhaps the most striking relationship which we encounter in Journey’s End is that between Company commander Stanhope and General Raleigh.

The conflict between the two characters starts early on in the play just after Raleigh arrives in ‘C’ Company, Stanhope’s regiment. Raleigh seems extremely excited and pleased that he has got into Stanhope’s regiment. We can also tell that Raleigh looks up to Stanhope a great deal. From the beginning of the play we can tell that Stanhope isn’t as enthusiastic as Raleigh is on his arrival. This is understandable because Stanhope has been I the trenches for the longest and he works so severely hard.  When both companions meet, we expect Stanhope to be pleased and content that Raleigh is in his company whereas his reaction is the complete opposite. When Stanhope notices Raleigh he asks him:

Join now!

                        “How did you – get here?”

By this comment we can tell already that Stanhope is not very pleased that Raleigh is in his regiment. Soon after this, there is a silence meaning that it is not easy for the two to communicate with each other.

        The conflict first arises during the conversation between Osborne and Stanhope. At this stage we get to know how Stanhope feels about Raleigh’s arrival. There are many sources of conflict, one of them being Raleigh’s hero worshipping. Raleigh’s hero worshipping puts Stanhope under pressure. We know this because Stanhope says:

                                “As long as the ...

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