Description of ice

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                 Description of ice!!! You are never seen in spring, or summer not even in autumn. But in winter while the snow is glimmering in the sky, I see you shining there on the ground. You shine under the moonlight like a sheet of polished metal. You look solid and you feel cold, your mind is blank and your heart is pure. You are as slippery as a marble floor. When I step onto your surface I slip, when I feel your hands my brain freezes. You smell of
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emptiness yet you are solid from head to toe. As my warm hands touched your skin your heart turns warm, however your conscience is still frozen and seeks its cold revenge. As my hand cools down I smell cold fire. I see icicles forming on window sills. As I see the soft and delicate snowflakes falling from the cloudy white sky, I wonder how they become so hard and brown. I see other people walking on the streets they kick the ice not thinking about its feelings. My hands start to shiver so I put them into my pockets. Amazingly ...

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