Deserted Island Description

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Deserted Island Description

 I woke up with the smile of the sun on me and the abundance of sand surrounding me. The sand was rough like glass paper and lying down on it stung your back like walking on hot coals. If the amount of sand on this island were rocks it would cover all of Africa twice! The water around the island was as clear as glass and blue like the sky so the infinite depths of the sea were just a blink away. Fish small as rice grains flickered to and fro from the sandy beaches of the island to the cold gloomy depths of the sea.

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The island had no cliff edges in it and was almost a perfect circle. One large tower stood in the middle of the island and there was an abandoned port on the side of the island I landed on. These two structures told me that there must have been some human activity on the island even though now it seemed fully deserted. The tower was made of dull black tiles while the port was made of wine red coloured wood obtained from the forest.  

From my encampment all there was to be seen was green leaves, sea green, grass ...

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