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GCSE: Grace Nichols: Hurricane Hits England

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  1. A Comparison Of Two Poetical Works by Grace Nichols

    This verse also uses a metaphor as the sun is generally thought of as an almost heavenly entity as it appears to be very high in the sky and always gives warming, white light. This infers that she left a heavenly place to go to a darker place which does not have the delights of the humming-bird. This issue is then repeated in 'My Gran', but in a different way as it shows that England is nice superficially but isn't really the nicest place on Earth : "Then she stood by a rose As a slug passed by her toes"

    • Word count: 1517
  2. How Does Grace Nichols Explore the Feelings and Experiences of Immigrants?

    'I get accustom to de English life But I still miss back-home side To tell you de truth I don't know really where I belaang.' In this quote the woman in the poem seems to have been in England for long enough to have changed her lifestyle 'after all this time' and has learned not to drop in on people before giving them 'clear warning' and to wait 'me turn in queue'. She is torn between the old ways of the Caribbean and the new ways of England and does not know where she belongs.

    • Word count: 1687
  3. Explain where and why Hurricanes form and describe their main characteristics.

    This is because the hurricane requires warm waters as they offer large quantities of heat. This heat, from the solar short-wave radiation and convectional currents, will heat the air above it. The warm air will then rise, cooling adiabatically until the air condenses. But the rising air alone does not make a Hurricane as this process of Convection rainfall occurs around the globe frequently. Existing Cyclonic winds, in the lower troposphere will need to be in the above locations. These can be caused in a number of ways i.e. Compact Depression. The speed of these winds will need to reach approximately 75mph (120kph)

    • Word count: 1134
  4. What does the language of Grace Nichols’ have to tell us about her culture?

    Throughout almost every one of her poems she refers to it in someway, and uses it to describe what her ancestors went through, and what they stood for. The poems Sugarcane, This Kingdom and In my Name, all represent different ways of representing nature in her culture. The poems use nature as a way of getting across the fact that it was not only used to protect their culture against the overseers, but also used as a weapon against them.

    • Word count: 3240
  5. Hurricane Hits England

    She has personified the hurricane by referring to it as"Some dark ancestral spectre" at this point she is thinking of the hurricane as an ancestral ghost {an ancestor whom is a ghost}I believe her to be doing this as, you are reminded of your roots frequently by the stories passed down from your ancestors. In giving the hurricane this title she is claiming that it is a ghost coming to remind her of her culture, the hurricane was able to do so as storms of such strength occur very seldomnly in Britain but are customary in places such as the Caribbean.

    • Word count: 1402
  6. What Do You Find Interesting About The Work Of Grace Nichols?

    It shows how she wants society to change and become less bothered about size. The other two poems are about being away and missing home. 'Like A Beacon' is about Grace Nichols missing her home and the comforts that she used to have there. This poem shows that home is an important aspect of her life. She also seems to take it as an important part of other peoples lives too as the last poem 'Island Man' is about a man from the Caribbean who lives in London: he misses his home and dreams about being there.

    • Word count: 2682

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