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GCSE: Love Poetry

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  • Marked by Teachers essays 2
  1. By close study of Valentine and I Wouldnt Thank You for a Valentine, show how Carol Ann Duffy and Liz Lochhead express their views on love.

    As I mentioned earlier, it seems that Duffy herself is set against love. Upon doing further research into Carol Ann Duffy's personal life, I have discovered that while she was born in Glasgow, she moved to Staffordshire when she was four years old. This information tells us why Duffy's Scottish heritage doesn't really show through in her poetry, it's because she moved away at such a young age, and it's quite unlikely that she grasped some of the traditions that the Scottish tend to have. Also, her profound dislike of men, and conversion to feminism may have begun at the age of sixteen, when she embarked on an affair with thirty-nine year old poet, Adrian Henri.

    • Word count: 3406
  2. Love Poetry

    She realizes that her 'My Guy and her Jackie' magazines manipulated and betrayed her. Later on in the poem she regrets the loss of innocence, as she 'cried that she had missed all the innocence around her'. She sees pregnancy as something to be ashamed of and she describes it as 'this despicable, feminine void'. She feels that she has fallen into vast emptiness and that her pregnancy is something to despise. She also feels that being pregnant makes her become what she is called by the boy at the start of the poem, 'a little slag'.

    • Word count: 3733
  3. Compare Carrol Ann Dufy to Andrew Marvell

    It emphasises the moon being a present because she is wrapping it and the moon is a present of happiness in their love. A moon is a romantic image of life, for example a traditional image in maybe another book or a film, the perfect couple would walk out of a beautiful dinner and dance sit on a bench, cuddle up and gaze into the light of the moon, it's the stereotypical meaning of the image. Duffy uses this image very differently; she describes the moon to be like light, "it promises light".

    • Word count: 3099
  4. "To compare the attitudes towards love at the time both poems were written

    This shows the poet's structure of the poem and how the poet's mind is working. The haste of the poem suggests that's he's thinking rashly, this woman has obviously clouded the poets mind and judgement and he can't think clearly. This enables me to come to the conclusion that the poet isn't a strong enough to cope with this matter by himself. This also shows the poets frame of mind. It suggest the poet see it as love or nothing and that he was obsessed with this girl. It gives an insight into his relationship with this girl that it was only a one way thing, he really loved her but she didn't really love him and that's why he is really upset.

    • Word count: 3126
  5. What is Love?

    There are eight basic emotions: joy, sadness, fear, anger, acceptance, rejection, surprise, and anticipation. And when these emotions are mixed the complex configuration of emotions appear, like affection, sympathy, attachment, hate, jealousy and fear, and love is one of them being the mixture of joy and acceptance. Is this too complicated? This is nothing. Love is also reflection, and it arouses so many questions, that an encyclopedia would not be enough to contain them all. Love is also physical reaction such as the raising of the heartbeats, or the trembling of the hands, or the production of adrenaline in the blood.

    • Word count: 3098
  6. A Study of Relationships Based on Six Pre-1914 Short Stories

    The fact that she actually left Randall demonstrates that Dorothea was not a conventional Victorian woman. It shows that she was not prepared to stay with him, as any other Victorian women would have been expected to do in that situation. This, and Dorothea's phrase: "Never, never! Not for millions!" suggest that she wanted to be independent. This aspect of the story was probably influenced by the Suffragette movement of the same time period. The Suffragettes fought for women's right to vote, so Dorothea's wish for independence mirrors the Suffragettes' wishes for independence. My second story is "Tony Kytes, The Arch Deceiver", by Thomas Hardy.

    • Word count: 3158
  7. Far from the Madding Crowd Coursework - My dear Mary,

    I had far too much pride in myself for my own good in those days. I couldn't bring myself to show my appreciation. Though that was something that I learned on that day, even though it wasn't immediately, that one good dead deserves another. You see Mary when I was young I thought I was the apple of everyone's eye, I thought everybody wanted me, an that was true to a certain extent, however I took advantage of that and later on, as you will soon discover it led me to a lot of pain and anguish.

    • Word count: 5735
  8. Explore the Presentation of Different Kinds of Love In a Room With a View and Captain Corelli's Mandolin

    Since Lucy is unable to understand her cousin's actions, she is left feeling confused and vulnerably obeying her cousin's commands. Appearance is a good sign whether someone is "clever" in the society that Lucy is being influenced by Charlotte, that is why the Emersons are "left in the cold" since "he and his father did not do". Thus, Lucy has only seen to "despise" the Emerson or "people" like them. Lucy and George first communicate when she "takes refuge in her dignity" and joins the Emersons in a tour of a church.

    • Word count: 4632

Conclusion analysis

Good conclusions usually refer back to the question or title and address it directly - for example by using key words from the title.
How well do you think these conclusions address the title or question? Answering these questions should help you find out.

  1. Do they use key words from the title or question?
  2. Do they answer the question directly?
  3. Can you work out the question or title just by reading the conclusion?
  • Discuss the extent to which psychologists have been able to explain love

    "As you can see, psychologists have tried to explain love and it can be seen as true to an extent. Some models concentrate on differentiating between different types of love, which is useful and does give a greater understanding To define what love truly is however, is far too complicated. Psychologists can only go by what they are told & what they observe physically. In the end, love is love and there are no other words for it."

  • Compare the ways poets have written about love, bringing out different aspects of the theme

    "I have evaluated the poems and the conclusion I have reached is all the poems have a structure and form, some of them are similar in structure and content, some only in theme, others though, are relatively similar in subject which can be humorous or sad. The writer can determine this by the style and content that he or she decides to use. Love poems can be categorised into differing themes of love, but all have certain things similar about them. Love is an emotion and as such evokes feelings on reading them. Some make us happy others sad but all of them still relate to us emotionally even so long after they were written."

  • Compare the ways in which Kate Chopin and James Joyce portray Dorothea and Eveline

    "In my opinion of the stories, both 'The Unexpected' and 'Eveline' give a very real image to the reader; it depicts the way that women were treated around this era. This is because both were offered so much, by respect and riches, and they both turn these opportunities down due to the fact that freedom is more important or a promise restricts them."

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