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GCSE: Love Poetry

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  1. Analysis of "How Do I Love Thee" by Elizabeth Barret Browning

    "Passion put to use", can only mean one thing, making full use of one's passion, which the reader feels as very strong love. Another example of Browning's strong word choice is in line two of the poem, "I love thee to the depth and breadth and height..." (2). Browning doesn't just say "I love thee a lot", she paints a picture in the mind of the reader of an almost never-ending vastness of love. The adjectives put to use in line two, incorporate all aspects of the physical realm; up, down, and around, to truly impact the reader.

    • Word count: 741
  2. What choices does Carol Ann Duffy make in Valentine to make the poem interesting?

    After the words 'I give you an onion' The poet uses an extended metaphor, she writes about her relationship as if it was an onion. You can see this from the following examples; 'It will blind you with tears.' (Relationships may cause people to be hurt) 'Its platinum hoops shrink to a wedding ring.' (A metaphor of marriage also the onion contains a series of rings inside it)

    • Word count: 520
  3. An Appreciation of ‘At Castle Boterel’ By Thomas Hardy.

    Hardy makes use of contrast to show the importance of his love. In the third verse he leads the leader to believe there is little significance in what they said. He tells us: "What we did as we climbed, and what we talked of matters not much, nor to what it led." But he also said, "was there ever a time of such quality." This tells us that it does matter to him and his love.

    • Word count: 466
  4. A Comparison of ‘My Box’ by Gillian Clarke, And ‘Valentine’ by Carol Ann Duffy

    Sub-consciously she still loves him, but bitterness and hatred seem to run through this poem. 'My Box' uses conventional, emotional imagery of an historic feeling of love. The feelings you get after you have read it are that the author, Gillian Clarke, has had a lifetime relationship, which she is content with. The imagery she uses is ripe and she talks about harvesting 'apples and words and days'; it promotes a feeling of satisfaction. 'Valentine' is bold and sharp. Its aim is to ridicule traditional valentine gifts, and out wit them. It does not flow like 'My Box' and it is staccato.

    • Word count: 677
  5. A formal essay on Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s writing styles and how it contributes to the Latin American heritage

    The novel is divided into six chapters, which is the arrangement of the ideal Greek plot structure. M�rquez was influenced by the Grecian plays such as Oedipus Rex and thought that the best way to write a story is to begin in the middle. With this structure, he works back to explain the chronological events that occurs prior to the beginning, and picks up to continue the story from the beginning. This plot structure of in medias res, not only offers an interesting twist to the story, but also allows the reader to try and predict the plot as it slowly reveals itself.

    • Word count: 1496
  6. Comparing and Contrasting Poetry

    WH Auden talks of strong symbolic images as if they were some sort of 'set'. All of these symbols representing love and life, have now become redundant; 'The stars are not wanted now: put away everyone; Pack up the moon and dismantle the sun: Pour away the ocean and sweep up the wood.' I think that this last stanza implies that although the love was real and deep, now his partner is gone, it seems like a play. The final part of a play - where everything is taken down and although it existed, it is now gone.

    • Word count: 2728
  7. Mother Tongue.

    The lives of many North Americans were radically changed through contact with the struggle of the people of Central America during the 1970s and '80s. Demetria Mart�nez, a columnist for National Catholic Reporter and a poet, lays the groundwork for such a history of personal transformation in Mother Tongue. Filled with beautifully expressed phrases and reflections on the recent history of Central America, this book tells the story of a woman whose heart was shaped, broken, and resurrected when circumstances lead her to fall in love with a war refugee from El Salvador and into a lifelong struggle to define herself.

    • Word count: 1229
  8. “ What can we learn about life form fantastic stories? - Importance of magical realism in modern fiction.”

    By mixing very realistic depiction of a small village with fantastic arrival of a winged creature, author erases distinction between imaginary and real, blending the two. When the angel is found by Pelayo and Elisenda, they are shocked to see an angel, and yet they never question its existence. The angel is a catalyst to family recovery from destitution. Before the creature's arrival, they are simple, poor family with a dying son. Once the angel is captured and kept in terrible condition in a chicken coop, the son recovers, and family uses him as an attraction in a "freak show" to make a fast buck.

    • Word count: 1590
  9. Far from the Madding Crowd Coursework - My dear Mary,

    I had far too much pride in myself for my own good in those days. I couldn't bring myself to show my appreciation. Though that was something that I learned on that day, even though it wasn't immediately, that one good dead deserves another. You see Mary when I was young I thought I was the apple of everyone's eye, I thought everybody wanted me, an that was true to a certain extent, however I took advantage of that and later on, as you will soon discover it led me to a lot of pain and anguish.

    • Word count: 5735
  10. Love Is .

    My love is like a river That will never end My love is like a dove With a beautiful message to send. My love is like a song That goes on and on forever My love is like a prisoner It's to you that I surrender. The Magic Of Love Love is like magic And it always will be. For love still remains Life's sweet mystery!! Love works in ways That are wondrous and strange And there's nothing in life That love cannot change!!

    • Word count: 1278
  11. Comparing “The Nightingale and the Rose” to “The Half Brothers”

    "If you want a red rose," said the tree, "you must build it out of music by moonlight, and stain it with your own heart's blood. You must sing it to me with your breast against a thorn. All night long you must sung to me, and the thorn must pierce your heart, and your life blood must flow into my veins, and become mine." Of course the overriding theme of the story is that of the nightingale's self sacrifice. In order to create the red rose the student so desperately desired, the nightingale had to give her own life.

    • Word count: 1680
  12. 'The Three Sisters', written by Jane Austen, and 'Teresa's Wedding', written by Willian Trevor

    Mary realises this and does not want to become an 'old maid', this is one of the reasons why she is contemplating marrying Mr Watts. Mary constantly says in her letters how she will 'triumph over the Duttons' on line 5. The Duttons are another family who Mary is obviously in competition with to see who will be the richer bride to marry off first. Now she has this offer of marriage it is her chance to flaunt this proposal to gain respect and admiration from others.

    • Word count: 1005
  13. How Love is Presented Through Media and Music

    I have chosen four different poems to contrast how different love is to other people. *'I wish I could remember' by Christina Rossetti from the eighteenth century. *'Her spirit' by Paul Mc Cartney from the late twentieth century. *'Love poem-Untitled' by E.E Cunnings also twentieth century. *'First love' by Mick Gower twentith century *I wish I could remember , this poem is a sonnet it was about someone realising that they have found love but have let it go.She didn't find love until she lost.She only wishes that she could remember that meant nothing at the time but that would mean soo much now, ''It seemed so little, meant so much.''

    • Word count: 1194
  14. Moral Issues and Values in the film Shrek

    When Shrek goes to complain, Farquaad's knights attack him. When he defeats them, he becomes champion. Cowardly Farquaad asks Shrek to rescue Princess Fiona from a dragon-infested castle in exchange for his swamp. Farquaad, who wants to marry a princess so he can become a real king, has chosen Fiona from a "Dating Game" magical mirror. Shrek and Donkey set out on the perilous journey and have many adventures. They rescue Fiona after fighting the dragon, but later the dragon becomes friendly.

    • Word count: 379
  15. A Valentine's Gift

    The clocks chimes blended in with the shrill ringing of my doorbell. I hurried to the door, picking up a bouquet of strongly fragrant roses along the way. She looked divine; from what I can remember she also wore a stunning black dress which fell down to her knees, which almost set the mood for the evening. I greeted her with the bouquet of flowers and then leaned over to kiss her, never taking my eyes off her ravish violet eyes, both of which glistened with help of the strong porch light parallel to her.

    • Word count: 1106
  16. Compare the feelings expressed in these two Poems ‘A Birthday’ and ‘Remember’

    The mood of these two poems is quite different. 'Remember' is depressing for the reason that Christina Rossetti is writing about leaving and death. "Remember me when no more day by day", Christina Rossetti is preparing her lover for what is to come when she is no more around. 'A Birthday' is a colourful poem. "Because my love is come to me" Christina Rossetti is celebrating her love in her life which makes the poem joyful. 'A Birthday' is much lighter than 'Remember' it has colour and delight whereas 'Remember' is miserable and deep. 'A Birthday' is a picture written in words.

    • Word count: 592
  17. Valentine and My Box- A comparison

    'I give you an onion, it is moon wrapped in brown paper,'-With this she creates an air of mystery. 'It promises light, like the careful undressing of love.'- A feeling of sensuality is created with the use of the repetition of the 'l' sound, and the reference to undressing, which could be viewed as being s****l. She also uses the moon as a metaphor, which is a usual representation of love. Further down, the use of the word 'Here' makes the reader feel that the poet is in control. This almost seems forceful, and it makes the reader pay attention because it has one syllable, and a breath, when read, is taken before and after.

    • Word count: 1839
  18. Multi-talented Latina star Lopez has a rocketing film and music career and the most talked about body in the whole of showbuisness- so what does her life consist of?

    The hitch? He's the groom on her next wedding project. Her character, Mary Fiore, is a far cry from the Lopez sexpot image, but it's perhaps closer to her real-life persona. Lopez made the movie before she got involved with combs and following a ten line year relationship with childhood sweetheart David Cruz, and a failed marriage to former writer Ojani Noa, whom she met at Gloria Estefan's Miami Beach restaurant. Both these relationships ended, says Lopez, because neither man could cope with her ambitions.

    • Word count: 1168
  19. Explore the Presentation of Different Kinds of Love In a Room With a View and Captain Corelli's Mandolin

    Since Lucy is unable to understand her cousin's actions, she is left feeling confused and vulnerably obeying her cousin's commands. Appearance is a good sign whether someone is "clever" in the society that Lucy is being influenced by Charlotte, that is why the Emersons are "left in the cold" since "he and his father did not do". Thus, Lucy has only seen to "despise" the Emerson or "people" like them. Lucy and George first communicate when she "takes refuge in her dignity" and joins the Emersons in a tour of a church.

    • Word count: 4632
  20. Barrington Pollard's Diary

    She moved here from England. I am not a great fan of English people, but I love her. I have been friends with Arthur all my life. We grew up together our parents are the best of friends. We go everywhere together. I am excited about tomorrow but I will miss my family but especially Vanessa. Arthur is worried about leaving his family, no one can love their family more than he loves his. He has two brothers and three sisters. They are the perfect family.

    • Word count: 1031
  21. Analysis of "I wanna be yours" by John Cooper Clarke.

    The poem begins with the personification of the first useful object ?vacuum cleaner?. This shows the narrator?s possessive nature and shows that he is ready to accept all qualities of the woman. The word ?dust? is implied to be the negative qualities of the woman. The narrator is willing to ?breathe? all of it in and accept who she is. The second useful object the poet compares himself to is a ?ford cortina?. He brings in the imagery of a reliable car to show that he is trustworthy and will never ?rust?.

    • Word count: 566
  22. Rejection and Years Ago are both poems that discuss the theme of love and relationships that have gone wrong.

    Conversely in the poem Years Ago the poet highlights what love brings about and recollects her memories. In both poems there are some similarities for example they both have a similar regular structure and both poems what the cause of an unsuccessful relationship is. On the contrary there are also a significant number of ways in which the poems contrasts for example the use of some poetic devices and more importantly the fact that Rejection conveys the after effects of a rejection whereas Years ago cherishes the recollection of what loves brings about and what the absence of ? possession passion and betrayal? In Rejection the poet uses imagery to reiterate the consequences of a rejection.

    • Word count: 1096
  23. Compare what McAuley and Patten suggest about love in The Seduction and Wound Cream

    She won?t have that fantasy anymore because now she has a child with no partner, which is not how the media portrays relationships to be. These stories and magazines influence young girls telling them they?ll find a man who will take care and love the woman. But this 15 year old girl is in pain and realises all she?s been fed are lies. The young boy she met and thought was her true love has left her in misery after he betrayed her the night she fell pregnant.

    • Word count: 1256
  24. Compare the ways that Havisham and Our Love Now explore conflicts in a romantic relationship

    Puce is the colour of dried blood, which suggests that she was wounded so severely that she bled emotionally. It also implies that the pain caused by her ex-fiancé is long lasting. As the stains of blood are always going to be there, her resentful memory of the event is going to stay with her forever. The sense of hurt and pain is further demonstrated in the metaphor ‘a red balloon bursting in my face’. Red balloon represents love, passion and wedding, the things that once excited her almost as a child excited by a red balloon. This explains the pain and disappointment she feels when she was jilted.

    • Word count: 1040

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