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GCSE: JRR Tolkien

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  1. "... despite the overwhelming evidence against his own misperceptions, Stevens emerges as a somewhat compassionate character."[Wong, 2000] Do you agree with this assessment of Ishiguro's representation of Stevens?

    of life, not simply a means of employment, and he has an utter devotion to duty, to the extent that he will only discard his 'suit' when he is completely alone. It is this necessity to keep a public face that ruins his chance of happiness. He perceives his role to be more important than it is, believing that he has "been given a part to play, however small, on the world's stage" [pg 198] and he is also convinced that: it is not simply my fantasy that the state of the silver had made a small, but significant contribution towards the easing of relations between Lord Halifax and Herr Ribbentrop that evening.

    • Word count: 2618
  2. Analyse the characters of Shrek and Lord Farquaad and write about how the makers of the film use different presentational devices to create an unusual fairy tale.

    Viewers would be surprised as fairy tales have never been 'taken the mick of' like in Shrek. When the storybook characters arrive Shrek tries to threaten them by showing them that he is a scary, evil monster. There too many storybook characters for him to scare away so he asks why the characters had arrived and finds out that the characters where forced to stay on his land. Shrek goes to see Lord Farquaad to get rid of the characters for his own benefit. When Shrek tells the storybook characters that he is going to get them off his land, they all applaud which suggests that Shrek is a hero.

    • Word count: 2018
  3. In this essay, I will be comparing the poems 'Cousin Kate' by Christina Rossetti and 'The Seduction' by Eileen McAuley and also asking the question, "How do the two main female protagonists of the poem feel betrayed?"

    On the other hand both poems have distinct rhyme schemes. In 'Cousin Kate' and in 'The Seduction' the alternate line ending rhyme. The most obvious difference is the gap in eras. 'Cousin Kate' is a pre-twentieth century poem whilst 'The Seduction' is a more modern piece; these differences in time are obvious as a result of the actions and descriptions of the characters. No woman from the 1800's would have attended parties without a chaperone nor would they have drunk vodka and worn "high white shoes."

    • Word count: 3243
  4. Cousin Kate and Seduction: How they Compare and Differ.

    The poem starts by describing the cottage maiden by saying that she was hardened by "Sun and air" Which suggests that she worked in the fields and the poem goes onto say that she was, "Contented with my cottage mates" This quote suggests that she was happy with the life she led.

    • Word count: 407
  5. The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers.

    The whole fantasy/action genre allows the mind to go wild and starts to imagine impossible, far fetched things and also brings the film to life inside the audiences head as anything can happen and the rules of reality can be bent, and it all adds to the enjoyment in the film. Fans of the book will be happy to see some of their favourite moments come to life: The Ent attack on Isengard, is a treat to see,

    • Word count: 509
  6. The Hobbit is the story of Bilbo Baggins, a hobbit who lives in Hobbiton. JRR Tolkien.

    Gandalf leads the group to a place where they can get a short rest and they pass through the country of the elves. It is June and all of the joys and songs of midsummer are on display. Bilbo and the dwarves stay at the house of Elrond, an old friend of Gandalf. As they continue on their journey, Bilbo is depressed and nostalgic. The group passes through a mountain chain and two of the dwarves, Fili and Kili, locate a cave for the group to sleep for the night´┐Żbut the cave turns out to be inhabited by Goblins.

    • Word count: 1000
  7. Gothic Story

    The path was muddy and Rozabella's dainty feet were not made for such an ardoruos and dangerous journey. She first stumbled, then fell, a groan escaping her lips, her ankle sorely hurt, she could go no further. Even now faintness gripped and enticed her weary heart, but Edwin was beside her; while it now seemed that fate demanded she should be sacrificed to the wolves and the cruel unclean fancies of her bestial brother-in-law, the child's fate was not certain.

    • Word count: 1133
  8. The Hobbit - John Ronald Reuel (J.R.R) Tolkien

    Bilbo had just eaten his first breakfast and is about to start on his second. Suddenly the great wizard named Gandalf enters the front door. He says Bilbo is about to go on a great journey with lots of adventures. Bilbo doesn't want to go on any journey. Gandalf leaves and says he will come back. The next day somebody knocks on Bilbo's door, he opens and there stands a dwarf. He introduces himself as Dwalin and entres Bilbo's home as he was expected. After a while it knocks again and there is another dwarf.

    • Word count: 840
  9. "Cousin Kate" by Christina Rossetti "The Seduction" by Eileen McAuley - Compare what happens to the two girls and the attitude they and other people have towards it. In what ways do the poems seem typical of the period in which they were written?

    She also becomes pregnant and tears up her comics that had "cheated" and lied to her. The girls in both the poems lose their virginity and become pregnant, the narrator in "Cousin Kate" was a "cottage maiden", showing the reader that she was a female virgin. The narrator in "The Seduction" does not tell the reader directly that she was a virgin, but from the way she acted about her pregnancy and how drunk and "nervous" she was, it is implied.

    • Word count: 1845
  10. David and Goliath

    David asks for the Lord's forgiveness when he discovers that the person Nathan is talking about in the story was he, David. The Lord lets the boy live for seven days and during these seven days David prays to the Lord with all he has with the hopeful intention that the Lord will spare the boys life and punish David some other way. I believe that David was also fasting for his sins or he was just so grief stricken with what he had done all he could do was pray.

    • Word count: 1260
  11. The Lord of the Rings analysis of marketing.

    Where most of the teenage television is showed. Also adverts for the actual film itself. I first saw and heard these adverts at the end of October and beginning of November right through to the present day. Sticker books where released in the shops on the 20th of November (see source one). In addition, the whole cast of the lord of the rings where on several mourning television shows for children. One such being SM: TV live where the whole cast was on the show for the whole mourning.

    • Word count: 863
  12. Appreciation and comparison of modern and pre-twentieth century poetry: "Cousin Kate" by Christina Rossetti and "Manwatching" by Georgia Garett

    She emphasises regret by saying, "why did a great lord find me out and praise my flaxen hair?" In the second stanza we find out more about the affair of the cottage maiden and the lord. In this stanza we find out how the lord lured the cottage maiden into his palace. Christina Rossetti uses the word "lured" because it means to trap and that is what the lord did. The Cottage Maiden on reflection regrets what happened to her. She was happy living with the peasants who were her friends and wishes that the Lord had not bother to single her out and pay her attention telling her she was pretty.

    • Word count: 1815
  13. Compare and contrast the themes of loss of innocence, betrayal and motherhood as portrayed in the poems 'Cousin Kate' by Christina Rosetti and 'The Seduction' by Eileen McAuley

    The theme of the first verse is naivety and innocence. It opens with 'I was a cottage maiden' this line suggests she is young and probably virginal, and highlights the theme of innocence. By living in a cottage it is likely that she was a peasant. 'Harden by sun and air' adds to the idea of poverty, as in the 19th Century, rich women would not work outside, pale skin was favoured. 'Contented with my cottage mates' shows that the narrator was happy with her social circumstances.

    • Word count: 1213
  14. Comparison of 'Cousin Kate' and 'The Seduction'

    The themes of the two poems are also very similar. They both talk about pregnancy and relationships. In both poems the women become attracted to men, become pregnant and are then left. In 'Cousin Kate' the maid is more worried about being left by the lord, as although her son is illegitimate she is proud of him. In 'The Seduction', the girl is more worried about becoming pregnant. This is because the girl isn't even 16 when she falls pregnant and feels she has missed out on her life. In both poems the male is in charge of the relationships.

    • Word count: 5161
  15. Small Potatoes

    The Seasons: The seasons are the most prominent symbol in the story. In the summer the relationship flourishes, in the fall it slowly dies which leads to it being nonexistent in the winter until it finally begins to grow in the spring. The seasons are a metaphor for change within the relationship. Within the first few paragraphs a reference to the seasons is made; "That first summer, working together in the cannery, I lived in my tent and you lived in your van".

    • Word count: 768
  16. Lord of the rings: Fellowship of the ring

    Later the black riders are seen scouring the shire in middle earth (where the hobbits and the one ring are situated in the hope to salvage the ring and bring it back to Sauron the great who is the dark lord. Gandalf helps Frodo plan his escape and adventure to save the ring from the black riders who are the nine mortal men who were doomed to die. Gandalf finds Frodo a companion after discovering that Sam another hobbit who was apparently gardening.

    • Word count: 1268
  17. Cousin Kate

    Stanza 1 portrays the introduction to the poem. The issues raised in these two stanzas show that she was 'lured' by the lord. This tells us that he dragged her in like an animal luring its prey, waiting to attack its victim. At the beginning of stanza 1 it tells us that she is happy with her life. According to the introduction she works on a cottage and is happy with her life. According to this she is 'contented' her mates.

    • Word count: 1975
  18. Critical evaluation On Ice Wind-Dale by R.A Salvatore

    The first feature that I would like to discuss is the setting. "Ice Wind-Dale, a thousand square miles of barren broken tundra, has been described as one of the most unwelcoming lands in all the realms" Right at the start of the novel we are given a vivid picture of this province. This makes you feel more at home with the plot as we now understand the land our adventurers must traverse. Salvatore manages to emphasise this description by using subtle techniques like personification in the word "unwelcoming" and alliteration in the words "barren broken..."

    • Word count: 849
  19. How does the film 'Lord of the Rings - The Fellowship of the Ring' deal with the theme of good versus evil?

    He leaves his home town of Hobbiton with his best friend Sam to go on an epic adventure. Frodo travels to Rivendell where he joins companions and allies to travel to Mordor and destroy the legendary One Ring. On Frodo's adventure there are servants of the Dark Lord, Sauron the rings evil creator and if Sauron gets possession of the ring Middle Earth will be doomed. Frodo Baggins was the only son of Drogo Baggins and Primula Brandybuck, His parents both died in the year 2980, so he was adopted by his cousin Bilbo Baggins, the wealthy bachelor.

    • Word count: 1404
  20. Cousin Kate by Christina Rosetti compared with The Choosing by Liz Lochhead

    The lord then falls in love with the cottage maiden's cousin (cousin Kate). They get married, the only problem is Kate can't have children and the lord will need a son to take over his role of lord. "Yet I've a gift you have not got" when the cottage maiden says this she means her child, she has a son to the lord. She was not married to the lord when they were having a sexual relationship so she is seen to be unclean. "The neighbours call you good and pure, call me an outcast thing" this quotation shows us that Kate was a virgin when she married the lord so she is good and pure.

    • Word count: 608
  21. John Ronald Reuel Tolkien (1892-1973)

    He was born in Bloemfontein, South Africa, on 3 January 1892. He did not have a good memory of Africa since his father died on 15 February 1896. J.R.R Tolkien, his mother and his younger brother, Hilary, returned to England, where their parents originally came from. The Tolkien family went through a time of poverty. The situation became worse in 1904, when Mabel Tolkien was told that she had diabetes. During that time, diabetes was incurable. She died on 15 October 1904.

    • Word count: 840
  22. Medieval village life.

    The peasants got all kinds of diseases because they kept the animal inside. when some one made food for the lord one off the servant had to check if it is not food poisoned. The kitchens were separated so they had to go outside and make the food. The dinner was eaten at 10-11 o'clock. They would eat as much as they could because could afford salt for the meat in winter. But the peasant had to feed there pig to make sure that they are fat and there is enough to eat in winter then they will kill the pig to have them for there super at winter time.

    • Word count: 566
  23. Why Do the Induction Scenes Make an Effective Opening To the Play?

    Shakespeare chose this method of play writing to encourage intrigue towards understanding the characters. In Induction One, Sly is causing a disturbance outside of an alehouse, after refusing to pay for the damage he has caused; there is a vocal dispute and before it is resolved Sly falls asleep on the floor. It is at this point that the Lord, back from a hunt, arrives and discovers him. He and his serving men take him back to the castle and devise a plan to deceive Sly into thinking he's someone he's not. In Induction Two, Sly awakens to discover that he is surrounded by serving men.

    • Word count: 868
  24. Themes in ‘An Ideal Husband’

    It is also about the love between Sir Robert Chiltern's best friend, lord Goring, the young bachelor and Mabel, Chiltern's younger sister. The theme of love occurs in the relationship between Robert Chiltern and Gertrude, Gertrude loves Robert with a disarming lack of guile. Robert loves Gertrude so much, he would wreck his whole career, make any sacrifice for her love. Love is also present between Lord Goring, Mabel and lady Cheveley. Lady Cheveley and Lord Goring were in love before, they were engaged at a time but now lord Goring is in love with the free spirited Mabel Chiltern, so he refused the proposal of Mrs.

    • Word count: 574
  25. To explore the poem ‘Cousin Kate’ by Christina Rossetti and compare it to ‘Seduction’ by Elaine McCauley

    her for a one night stand and she never sees him again also the line 'but more than that, cheated by the promise of it all.' In stanza one of 'Cousin Kate' we are told what life 'was' like for the subject lady of the poem, she 'was a cottage maiden', she was innocent and led a simple life, who worked outside suggested by the line 'hardened by sun and air.' The above shows that the she is of working class status, which I think is important to get across straight away to show how later in the poem rank is pulled to out do another status.

    • Word count: 1409

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