Esports is a Professional Sport Argument

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Esports contain every element needed to be viewed as a sport. This industry has grown to surpass many of the “traditional” sports that you know and admire. If someone can agree that chess and darts are a sport, there is no way you cannot see the same in Esports. The strategy and skill at the highest level, can only be achieved by a professional. Millions of people watch these professionals being the best in the world and growth has not slowed. This area of new sports has yet to find common ground with the general public, once you see the numbers, take part, watch an event, you will agree that is a sport. Sports have had hundreds of years to establish themselves and be taught around the world, yet the majority of sports are not evolving and have remained stagnant in growth in recent history. However the esports scene is constantly evolving.

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What do all sports have in common? Live events, dedicated fans, stadiums. All sports have areas to watch them live, they house many people and can help facilitate income for the industry. In addition fans have an intense experience that feels a lot better than watching online; like seeing your favourite musician in person. When you see the picture above, is that not the similar to any other sporting event. The answer is yes. Many shout that esports will never be on the same level as sports. However esports has been around for less that 1/20th of the time sports has, and it can already attract people to watch it live.

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No sport is can exist without sponsorships and Esports is not lacking. The money generated by esports is more than the AFL, IPL and the biggest football league in the USA, MLS. According to “newzoo” in 2018 Esports earned 359.4 million dollars from sponsorships. This staggering figure is steadily increasing every year. Another important factor is that the majority of these companies are gamer oriented. The likes of intel, cocacola, doritos are all invested in advertising. Whilst it can be argued these companies are enormous when over half the sponsors are tech related, (blog.betway), the forecast for growth is ...

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