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Explore the importance of Slim in Of Mice and Men

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In a country where liberty, freedom and the land of opportunity is a pivotal part of American society the American dream is born. The American dream is fundamentally the notation that no matter your race, religion, s*x or social class if you work hard in America you will achieve materialistic wealth. Steinbeck's novel, Of Mice and Men sets in the 1930's, the time of the great depression and depicts the flaws of the American Dream. Some of the themes in the novel include friendship, death, jealousy and loneliness. The exploration of this essay shall consist of me focussing on exploring the importance of the character of Slim. To commence, the introduction of Slim consists of a whole paragraph and this is the only character in the Novel who is described with so much detail and praised so much, 'A tall man stood in the doorway...he looked kindly at the two in the bunk house.' ...read more.


that she is dead, he later reviles that 'her neck's bust' showing that he has knowledge about the human body as he can tell a broken neck so he must be educated to know such things. This makes the audience admire Slim even more as it shoes that slim is an intelligent man. Slim is a team player and this is demonstrated as crooks says, 'Slim, he looks out for his team' Slim is also able to use his authority in getting jobs done and co-ordinating jobs for example, when Curely breaks his hand, slim is able to put a group together and co-ordinate people to take him to the hospital and order people to get the wagon ready, 'carlson, you get the candy wagon hitched up. Well take um to soledad.' The is a prime example of the power that Slim has and how well he copes in situations. Another example is at the death of curleys wife, where although Curley is trying to take charge and should be the one taking charge ...read more.


Slim also understands that Lennie is a nice person and tries to do no harm, 'guy don't need no sense to be a nice fella' this is the exact opposite of curleys opinion to lennie as he picks a fight with him because Lennie was not smart and because he didn't like 'big guys', this implies that Slim is the exact opposite to Curley as curley was the least respected and liked character unlike slim. Another example of slims understanding is at the very end when he is the one who understands why George had to do what he had to do and this indicates that Slim acts as the conscience of the novel due to the truth in what he says. In conclusion, the Character of Slim plays a fundamental role in novel. Through using a whole para graph to describe him and using him as the conscience for the novel Steinbeck is able to portray Slim as a very authoritive, respectful and honest man. ...read more.

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