Global warming and the future of humanity

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 The future of humanity is a subject that has long been discussed and despite that, it is still shrouded in an impenetrable mist of obscurity. We see before us vague possibilities but a clear, paved road to what will happen after our time is beyond our sight. What lies in the future may be a space age brought to us by the development of technology and science, or even a destruction of our world by nuclear war between world powers or asteroid impact, we don’t know.        

 But one thing is clear to us: there is a barrier between the present and the future that we must overcome to ensure the continuity of human life as we know it which is global warming. Provoked by the thoughtless exploitation of the earth’s natural resources by mankind, it threatens to engulf the world into apocalypse. Such a crisis as the world is now facing calls for closer international integrity and the action of the world as one, unified piece and not as separate fragments: united we stand, divided we fall.  Let us now take a look at what global warming is and how this disaster can be averted.

I will begin with some key words: floods, storms, tsunamis 100 feet high, worldwide drought, famine, plague, war, complete destruction of our civilisation. Now, you will probably be under the impression that I am referring to Hollywood disaster films like ‘2012’ and wondering why I am referring to such irrelevant and far-fetched topics. Actually, it isn’t an extract from films. Ladies and gentlemen, this doomsday scenario is what the world is facing in half a century if we do not take significant steps to prevent this disaster according to an overwhelming majority of the world’s top scientists.

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If you look at the 4th Report of the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), you will find exactly what I have mentioned earlier on though, no doubt, in milder terms. Summing up, a temperature rise of up to 6.4 degrees Celsius and an increase in sea level of 59cm at maximum is due by the end of the century. This will bring disasters on an unprecedented scale including the complete melting of the Polar Ice Caps, an Ice Age in Europe due to the shutting down of the North Atlantic Drift, and so on.  These catastrophic changes in ...

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