Gold: A Creative Essay

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Joshua Efiong

Gold – Imaginative

Sunlight punched through the forest canopy above as he made his way towards the sound of water bubbling and trickling away to the west, stronger than ever due to the previous rain shower. The ground squelched under foot as he walked purposefully towards the centre of the ravine. The foliage on the ground was so dense – there were moments that he couldn’t see through to the soil below – and the green colour was so strong in the lower light. Robert Carlatti was there to think, there were always questions to ask. The new factory could be seen even this far away from the city; the smoke rising from the distance was thick and as dark as night. Robert watched the smoke rise for a while, and then continued attempting to make his way through the foliage towards the bottom of the ravine.

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As the tree line began to thin the stream came into view. There were rocks dispersed across the stream like stepping stones, causing the water to foam into a thick white colour, and wood drifting slowly down the stream. The water carried little speed, but to Robert – coming from the east coast cities – it sounded like a small waterfall. Looking again towards the putrid smoke in the distance he began to walk along the stream, glancing up at the top of the trees interspersed with pink and purple blossom. He came here to think, to think of why ...

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