How does Bram stoker manipulate audience response to Jonathan Harker and Dracula in his entopic novel?

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How does Bram stoker manipulate audience response to Jonathan Harker and Dracula in his entopic novel?

Since Dracula was written in 1897, by the successful Bram Stoker it has since been a popular novel. The story line is based upon a mysterious vampire in Transylvania who travels to England in the search of fresh blood but complications arise when Jonathan Harker and accomplices intervene, causing a catastrophe.

Bram Stoker manipulates his audience’s response to Jonathan Harker and Dracula. The book is set pre-1915 and is of a gothic genre, so is intended to be frightening and mysterious, which are general expectations of a gothic genre.

To begin with the first four chapters are written from Jonathan Harker’s point of view, through his journal. Therefore, indicating that Bram stoker wants us to have a good understanding of Jonathan’s character before any other characters are introduced. So that we can get a very clear idea of what he usually like, his habits, what he is like before, during and after going to Transylvania.

There are many indications that Bram stoker wants us to view Jonathan as an intellectual, as he focuses on Jonathan’s time spent at the British museum in England, researching for his journey to Transylvania. He wants us to view him as an intellectual so that later on the book you will trust what he is writing about his journey, and not think he has gone mad.

Jonathan also comes across as a very precise man as he notes the exact train times down, “should have arrived at 6:46, but the train was an hour late.” Bram stoker also puts this across later in the chapter when other times are mentioned. By putting the exact time it emphasises how precise he is. He wants us to see Jonathan this way so that the audience think he is a trustable character, and believe what he is saying.

Bram Stoker also portrays Jonathan as a very observant character. This can be deduced from the notes in Jonathan’s journal, “a country which is full of beauty of every kind,” showing he is interested in his surroundings, and other cultures. Therefore, we see him as an open-minded man; Bram Stoker is portraying him like this because he wants us to see Jonathan as a very good character in the book, he is trying to build up a very positive image of him so that the audience will trust his judgement.

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We first encounter Dracula when he sends a letter to Jonathan, the letter finishes with, “your friend, Dracula.” Suggesting that he is either been watching him, maybe they have had previous acquaintances or he is trying to get on Jonathan’s good side. So it shows that Dracula is quite cunning and Bram Stoker is starting to show that Dracula is quite devious and can be quite sly, he does things for a reason.

 Bram stoker also portrays Dracula as a possessive character, as in the letter he refers to Transylvania as “my precious land. The word “my” suggests that Dracula ...

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