How is the character of Charlie presented in Flowers of Algernon?

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How is the character of Charlie presented in Flowers of Algernon and how does he develop  

Charlie is the main character in Flowers for Algernon. His full name is Charlie Gordon. He is 37 years old and the way we know this is in the bit before scene one starts of the script. Charlie wants to be smart and this is the dream of Charlie which motivates through his time before the surgery takes place.

Charlie is Instantly presented as a unintelligent person as in the first paragraph alone there are spelling mistakes, not to mention how also in the first paragraph he also says how he wants to be smart. We know this through him saying

“I want to be smart”

 Before this is said though he says how a Miss Kinnian tells him how some people can make him smart but it is not quite not known yet how.

In scene one Charlie immediately says how that he wants to be smart.

Charlie is found presented in front of Dr Strauss and Dr Nemur with Miss Kinnian beside him. He is instantly found himself ignored with the doctors and Miss Kinnian talking about him. It is also told by doctor Nemur of how his IQ is an awful 68 which also helps present Charlie Gordon as a very unintelligent person.

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In scene two Charlie finds himself in a couple of tests with Bert who is helping explain and run these tests. Charlie asks politely to Bert how do you do towards Bert which shows Charlie is unintelligent but at least he is nice towards. This is a key aspect of Charlie of how he is nice towards others. This is the reason in which it would be told to him of why out off all the other possible candidates in which he got chosen to get this surgery done to make him if it works, smart.

It was after ...

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