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Imagine you survived the Titanic disaster - write a descriptive piece about your experiences

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Imagine you survived the Titanic disaster - write a descriptive piece about your experiences As I walked down the cobbled street towards the harbour, the immensity of the ship I was about to board hit me as if I had just taken a blow from a baseball bat. Admiring the sheer size of the majestic boat was enough to make my head crack as I glanced from bow to stern. The four funnels were raising high into the clouds; their smoke mysteriously polluting the sky in the same way of that of an aristocratic gentleman's cigar. Debutantes and noblemen stepped from their chauffeur driven vehicles in their grand clothing as the lower classes joyfully walk towards the liner, ecstatic that they were lucky enough to travel on the maiden voyage of such a grandiose piece of machinery. The massive crowds around me are waving their final goodbyes to their friends and relatives in what could be the last time that they will see them. Salty sea air is fighting down my throat as I inhale deeply, as I do not want to forget a single moment of this momentous occasion. While I am acknowledging all of this, I carry my bags towards the staircase leading up to one of the entrances of the greatest vessels of its time, the RMS Titanic. Being a journalist at forty years of age, I, Anthony Robinson, was known in the information industry. As a result, a major news corporation recruited me to travel on board the Titanic from Southampton to New York City and thereby write an article to be published in their award-winning newspaper. This thrilled me beyond belief as I would be able to journey on the regal ship free of charge and I was to be handsomely paid upon my homecoming to England. I felt that, after all these years, I could finally take on the world but not once in my wildest nightmares could I have imagined the horror of the event that was about to take place. ...read more.


Once my nerves had been settled, even though it was only slightly, a few boys began to kick about some ice that had fallen off the iceberg, as if they were back home and playing quick game of football. Their jollity, however, was about to change direction as they soon would be plunged into a world of fright and terror as they fight for their lives. After seeing the iceberg that would eventually cause so many passengers deaths, I began to walk back to my cabin and in order to fall back into the relaxing dream that I was having. As I did, though, I noticed that there were several members of the 1st class who were being instructed to put on their life vests. I began to wonder if this incredible piece of machinery was really going to plunge down into the sea. I could see that not many of the passengers were taking much notice and instead ignored the crew member's orders as they happiness could not be dampened. On the other hand, I became quite anxious that something seriously threatening was about to happen. I decided that instead of dawdling on the top floor, I was going to go back down to my cabin and get my life jacket. After this, I was going to return immediately to the top deck and then investigate into what exactly was going on. Being 40 years of age, I finally reached the room ten minutes later at 12:00am and my fellow passengers were still asleep in their beds. As I walked hurriedly back up to the open air, I passed several other people who had been awoken by stewards and had received the same instruction I had heard earlier. Different than before, passengers were now starting to listen to the crew members as they told them to get their life jackets on. Subsequently, I had again arrived on the top deck of the ship; I became aware of how cold it really was that ...read more.


At this point, I out of breath and I had not spoken to anyone in a few hours so at first, the crewmember could not understand what I was saying. "Can I...get on...the boat?" I asked in a hurried and uneasy tone. The reply that I received almost made me jump for joy but instead, I quickly scrambled into the boat, and received disgusted looks from some of the woman on board, many of whom, I then found out, had left their husbands and partners onboard the ship. So, as the officers on the deck began to gently and gradually lower the boat into the deep, dark and tremendously cold water, I felt the others accusingly glare at my face and I hung my head in shame as I realised what I had done. The next few moments were a blur as the lifeboat hit the water and was therefore released from the majestic liner that I had been enjoying only moments before. Despite the situation, the officer on our boat requested that everyone grab an oar and row away from the Titanic. I grudgingly agreed to do so as I supposed that this might stop the women from frowning at me. The night air froze my hands as I grabbed the scull and began to paddle in turn with the others. As I fell into the rhythm of pulling the oar towards and then away from me, I ignored the pain that I was already receiving from the wooden paddle I had in my hands and decided instead to admire the beauty of the mighty vessel once more before in plunge into the depths. The lighting on board the Titanic shone into the night sky, showing the rest of us that she was giving up a good fight until the end. Ear-piercing screams I now noticed were coming from the ship; a child cried out into the night for her mum and somewhere a mother was missing her infant. The ship was now raised out of the water at quite an angle. Slowly, the mammoth propellers ...read more.

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