Marginialised characters in "To Kill a Mockingbird".

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Freshman Accelerated English

Argument Essay, To Kill a Mockingbird

Directions: Write an essay that explores (and answers) the essential question for this unit: “What’s worth fighting for?” Your essay should include the use of the standard elements of argumentation that are reflected on the rubric.

Word count- 1200-1500

3 pieces of evidence per paragraph, 3 bodies not necessary, 6 six pieces necessary

Your essay is due, via, by the end of the day on Wednesday March 16th.

        Throughout history, societies have always ostracized people different from them, and mistreated them, not treating them with due respect as fellow human beings. There are many examples of these in the Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird, like Tom Robinson, a black man wrongfully accused of the rape of a white woman, and Boo Radley, a man who was mistrusted and harassed for being a recluse. These two men, among many others, were marginalized simply for being different from the majority of the society despite the fact that they had never done anything against the society. Marginalized groups of people like these are worth fighting for, because despite the fact that they don’t do anything against the wishes of the society and contribute a lot to it, they are pushed aside and mistreated simply for being different, and this prevents them from being able to receive justice.

        Marginalized groups of people are often highly contributive to society and kind peope, and are not deserving of the town’s marginalizations. Two prime examples of this were Boo Radley and Tom Robinson. First, Boo Radley was a recluse who stayed in his house all day, and because of this, he was mistrusted. However, Boo Radley was really a kindhearted, timid person who was just very antisocial. For example, when there was snow for the first time in Maycomb, Ms. Maudie’s house catches on fire and the entire community comes out of their house to help her. While Scout was freezing in the cold snow, Boo Radley engaged in a kind action that no one expected would come from him. On page 82, when Jem is explaining what Boo did to Scout, he tells her, “‘Boo Radley did it. You were so busy looking at the fire you didn’t know it when he put the blanket around you…He sneaked out of the house-turn’ round- sneaked up, an’ went like this!’” This was an act of kindness that was uncalled for. Jem mentions that Boo “sneaked out of the house,” it means that Boo saw poor Scout freezing in the cold and snow outside, and walked out into the open where everybody was, just to protect Scout. This shows how caring and protective he is of Scout and other kids, meaning that is a kind soul, especially considering the fact that he went into the open and left his house so that everybody saw him, which no recluse would want to do. In addition, he also probably knew that Scout, like most of Maycomb, mistrusted him and believed the rumors about him. However, he still protected Scout out of the kindness of his heart, which shows that he is a caring and thoughtful person who shouldn’t be mistrusted just for being a recluse. Tom Robinson also contributed a lot to society. He was a man with a family who worked all day to fulfill their needs and help anyone who asked for it, while also working a full time job. When Mr. Gilmer was questioning Tom Robinson as to why he did all that work for Mayella Ewell, the woman falsely accusing him of rape, Lee writes, “‘Then you were mighty polite to do all that chopping and hauling for her, weren’t you, boy?’

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‘I was just trying to help her out, suh.’

‘That was mighty generous of you, you had chores at home after your regular work, didn’t you?’

‘Yes suh.’” (Page 223)

This evidence demonstrates how much Tom Robinson contributed to society; he helped people who simply needed it without demanding compensation of any kind, even though he was already busy with work at home with his wife and kids. He contributed so much to society so much that he not only raised a family, but did high amounts of work that Ewells needed to be done, while also working a ...

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