The character of Henry V act 1 scene 2

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Vimalraj Arumugam 9P                            English Homework                                    10/05/2007


Henry’s character is revelled in more depth in this scene.  Shakespeare has given Henry the attributes of a respectable king and a skilful soldier.  He has the qualities to win against the Dauphin.  Henry is a devoutly religious man, ‘save those to God that run before our business.’  In addition he seeks approval and support of the Church before waging war.  He prays sincerely, entrusting his enterprise to God’s will.  Henry is said to be ambitious, ‘I will rise there with so full a glory that I will dazzle the eyes of France.’  Here he says he will win the war against the Dauphin and he is shown to be very confident when he says this.

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        ‘We are no tyrants, but a Christian king unto whose grace our passion is as subject.’  This quote gives the evidence that Henry has a courteous side to him.  This means that he has respect and belief that his subjects will stand by him all the way.  Henry is very patient in this scene since the French ambassador took a long time to come and see Henry and proves his claim is right to the throne.  Henry’s reply to the Dauphin’s message shows dignity, self-control and wit.  There is also, menacing determination in his speech.  The message from the ...

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