The Handmaid's Tale Freedom To and Freedom From

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English Literature

Trudy Llewellyn

The Handmaid’s Tale

Freedom To and Freedom From

In “the time before”, Gilead had become a place where “women were not protected”. Gilead was very unsafe and percussions had to be taken. For example women were told not to open their door to a stranger  even if they said it was the police (ID’s had to be slid underneath the door), they were told not to stop and help a motorist ‘pretending’ to be in trouble and not to “go into a laundromat at night, alone.”

This shows that the society of Gilead as a whole had become very cautious. This also proves that in some sense Gilead was in danger from its security.  

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From these facts alone it is understandable to see why Gilead chose to enforce a new regime.

It may have been thought that in doing so everyone would benefit form a safer society. This much is true. In some sense, women especially, as Aunt Lydia said have been “given freedom from”. Freedom from all the bad aspects from the time before. Women no longer had to be afraid for their safety, rape was no more and  they were free to walk the streets without being hassled, as they were now protected by the “eyes” that watched over them.

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