The Unthinkable He was big, he was hirsute, he was very overweight and he was the bully of the neighbourhoo

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The Unthinkable

He was big, he was hirsute, he was very overweight and he was the bully of the neighbourhood. He knew everything that was going on in the street, from the visit of the postman to the Queen arriving at the barracks over the road. The guards on the barracks were always on the look out for Peter, with his brown hair, blonde streaks and small flat nose that accentuated his wide emerald green eyes; which seemed devoid of all expression. His bulk gave him a lazy gait and he was certainly more comfortable sitting than standing, however if needs be he could move unnervingly fast especially to escape danger. Sometimes when exchanging friendly greetings with Fiona he would rush out of the house with such haste, I would almost be knocked over. Poor Fiona, if she didn’t want to get up at the god forsaken hour of five thirty AM and prepare Peter’s breakfast, he would systematically destroy all the small figurines on her neatly dusted dressing table. Often I would see her immaculately dressed and made up; wearing dark glasses to cover her blood shot eyes and when I would enquire after Peter, she would bravely reply through tight lips “he’s just fine”.

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Sarah. Sarah on the other hand was almost the exact opposite; she was small and timid, acrobatic and intrepid, petite, dainty and delicate, all together. She always wore white. The key to her innocence was this kind, open nature possibly a certain naivety; however she had an understanding gleam in her eyes which made you think she always knew what you were thinking. She kept to herself a lot and was far from garrulous. Her overall demeanour was pale and pure; she was the epitome of a cool blonde. It was her misfortune to be Peter’s neighbour. Sarah always ...

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