Two essay plans on scenes from "A View From The Bridge".

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A View from the Bridge

By Arthur Miller

Intermediate 2 Critical Essay Plan – A View From The Bridge


Choose a play in which one scene marks an important turning point in the play.

Explain what happens in the scene and show how it is important to the rest of the play.


  • Author and title
  • Summary
  • In this essay I am going to examine how the scene in which Eddie reports Rodolfo and Marco to immigration is a key turning point in the play. This scene acts as a catalyst for the tragic events, which follow.

Paragraph 1


  • Since the cousins arrived Rodolfo and Catherine’s relationship has been developing. As a result Eddie’s jealously and morally incestuous feelings towards Catherine have grown stronger and taken him over.
  • Eddie discovering Rodolfo and Catherine’s relationship has developed into a sexual one
  • Eddie’s extreme and violent reaction to it
  • Eddie’s decision to go against his family and community to try and stop Catherine marrying Rodolfo

Quote and Analysis

Eddie re-visits Alfieri for advice on the situation. This scene is a key turning point as it is here he decides to report Rodolfo and Marco to immigration despite being aware of the consequences.

‘A phone booth begins to glow on the opposite side of the stage; a faint, lonely blue . . . The phone is glowing in light now.’

  • Miller uses to light to create tension and for dramatic effect
  • The light symbolises Eddie’s decision and chart the key turning point in the play
  • ‘a faint, lonely blue’ – The beginning of the decision. The lonely blue shows that Eddie will be outcast from his family and community as a result of this decision
  • ‘glowing in light now’ – The decision is made.
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  • Key turning point as from this scene onwards all events lead toward the tragic ending and Eddie’s death.

Paragraph 2


  • As a result of Eddie’s betrayal Marco no longer shows him respect. Everything after this scene is focused on hatred, betrayal and destruction.

Discussion of text

  • As a direct result of Eddie phoning immigration:
  • Marco and Rodolfo get arrested by immigration
  • The Carbone family begins to fall apart
  • Eddie is losing control of himself. Consumed by his feelings toward Catherine.

Quote and Analysis

‘Marco spits into Eddie’s face’

  • Miller’s use of stage direction
  • Symbolic ...

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