What is the importance of the netherfield episode?

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What is the importance of the netherfield episode?

Mrs Bennet plays a powerful role in this section to the novel. In a way being selfish and self-minded by send Jane in the rain on horseback to get to Netherfield. This was a forceful act of getting Jane a chance to coincide with the Darcy and have an opportunity to talk with the Bingleys. As we already know Jane isn't the best of talkers when it comes to it. With only one expectation on her mind, getting Jane ill and succeeded in obtaining 'money' which I believe is an act if greed but beneficial to the whole family if her out come is successful.
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Health is important in Pride and Prejudice because it is the reason why Jane stays at Netherfield hall due to the clod she catches during her journey, it is for this reason that her and Darcy get so close and due to flirtatious acts, ending up falling in love. Without this they would never really have any chance to talk so much!

This was also an important part of the text because it shows that single-mindedness of Mrs Bennet because she does not care if Jane get severe flu and dies as long as she is ...

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