Writing To Entertain - Short Story - It was Friday night, my mum had arranged to go out with my dad...

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Ilhan Haciogul

Short Story

Writing To Entertain – Short Story

It was Friday night, my mum had arranged to go out with my dad, so I called a few friends over so we could watch a movie, order a pizza, talk about boys, the usual I guess. ‘Come on Frank we’re late for our reservation! Em what time are Janet and Angela coming?’ ‘In about 10 minutes mum’. ‘OK, you know the rules yeah lights out around 12, don’t open the door to any strangers, Frank I’m going to the car I’ll see you there!’. ‘I’m coming Honey! Be good Emily, my mobile numbers on the T.V if you need me, otherwise I’ll see you later.’ That was it, they left for the restaurant. It was my parent’s anniversary and my dad had a classy restaurant booked. I sat down, flicking around on T.V, I glanced at the clock, 8:00. Janet and Ange should be here any minute. The doorbell rang, I opened it, it was Janet. Ange was strolling behind with her bag of clothes. She was only staying the night, she must have had enough clothes for the weekend. ‘Heeey Janet, you all right Ange, come in’. They put their stuff in my room and came down, we ordered a pizza and started eating. We watched ‘The Fresh Prince’ on telly until we decided which video to watch. Ange had other ideas, ‘I knew I forgot something! Why don’t I go home and get that new horror film, I have it on DVD, I didn’t wanna watch it alone, Ill be back in 15 minutes’. ‘Ok make it quick! This better be good’ replied Janet. She put her shoes on and jogged down my road, she only lived 5 minutes away.

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   ‘Time for some popcorn’ grinned Janet. ‘Yeah course!’ I walked in the kitchen and started making some, when the phone rang. I could hardly hear it from all the popping. I answered but they hung up. I ignored it and started pouring a few drinks. As soon as the popcorn was done I put it all in a tray and took it to the living room. I looked outside on my street, it was the middle of November, it was pitch black, it was nearly 9.45. She should have arrived 15 minutes ago. I picked up the phone and ...

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