Action Plan For Research Into The Role Of A Pre-School Teacher.

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Action plan

Montessori nursery is a private nursery, which means that parents need to pay for their children to attend the nursery; they get their funding from the money that the parents give them for attending the school. Some parents have fees paid by colleges.

Montessori nursery has seven staff in, but on different days or times. Montessori nursery is a pre school nursery which means that children from the age of 1 month can start going there up to the age when they start reception – age 5.

Even though the nursery is not funded my the government, every child enjoys the nursery and has lots of arts and craft stuff, and gets to go on day trips like:

  • Going to the zoo
  • Going to the farm
  • Going to book shops

The nursery is just like a normal house, which is quiet good because then that means that they will feel more comfortable because it like a normal lay out of a house.

The nursery starts at 8am but you can arrange to go there for 7am if needed but you will have to pay extra money. The nursery closes at 6pm but you can arrange to pick your child up at 7pm but  you will also have to pay the extra fee.

The school is located on Woodville road and it opened up in 1992 where before it used to be a normal house where the owner used to live as a little girl.

The setting of the school is on a friendly side street not too far from the park, and shops. It is not too far from a big tescos so when they wanted, they can take the children there and let the children talk to the staff at tescos and can learn their manners such as please and thank you. There is no car park for anyone, but there is a drive way for only one car but the road that it is on, you can park your car there for free.

The lay out of the nursery is very playful, and controlled, there are pictures of the staff on the wall, and fun pictures such as the sun with a smile on its face and Winnie the pooh. Each child has their own draw which the can out their work in and take it home if they wish to.

The nursery is well laid out, there are two rooms one for the babies for ages 0-2 and another room for children 3-5. In the babies room they play about with ‘abc‘toys and ‘123’ and with animals that make sounds. In the big children’s room they do activities such as reading books, cutting out number then putting it in order, painting and constructive activities like that.

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My first impression of the nursery was that it was very organised and that I wouldn’t be able to keep up with them, but after a while I got the hang on it and it was quite easy. The children were very fun and enthusiastic to meet me and read me stories which show they have confidence.

The role of a pre-school teacher is to:

  • Attends preschool each day the school is in session.
  • Works closely with the parent education instructor regarding educational programs and the needs of the group.
  • Plans and tools ...

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