CACHE Level 2: Unit 6 Write an account of HOW you promoted a safe environment in your setting.

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Unit 6 Task 1

Write an account of HOW you promoted a safe environment in your setting.

During my time at my work placement I promoted a safe environment making sure that there were no possible hazards that could hurt the children, such as:

  • Made sure that the children went down different stairs as the stairs leading to the garden was wet due to a leaking pipe.
  • Removed a sharp object from the mist of children
  • Removed a broken toy that was set out in the garden

I encourage the children to care for the environment… for example:

  • Boys should lift up the toilet seat when doing a wee-wee
  • Put away all equipment used during activity time
  • Put all their rubbish into the bin

An example of when I passed on relevant information about a child to the appropriate member of staff in a suitable way… for example:

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  • Told the Head practitioner in my class room that a child would be picked up earlier than usual as their parents have said so.
  • Informed a member of staff of a child’s behaviour towards another child.

Unit 6 Task 3

Describe how a meal or snack time that I have been involved in was a learning situation for children.

How were social skills being encouraged?

During snack and meal times because I work with 3 year olds I would not expect much from them because of their age, but I would expect that they are able to:


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