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Communicational skills in a health and social care setting

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The aim of this unit Is to review and improve my communicational skills in a health and social care setting. To do this I am going to complete two recorded interactions, one as a group interaction and one as a one-on-one interaction. After performing my first interaction I will need to analyse it so that I can improve on my faults before I perform my second interaction. This is important as it shows what I have done wrong, how I can improve it and help me set-up an action plan to improve my communication before my second interaction. Introduction Everyone communicates in some way or another, nowadays communication is getting even easier due to new technology being at it's prime, you don't just write a letter or speak to someone anymore, it is now possible to use a telephone or a mobile phone for phone calls to far away places, or contact someone through e-mail, but not everyone knows how to communicate effectively. Communication is not about being a good talker and having a very large vocabulary but is much more importantly about listening and body language, body language experts will tell you that you can quite often tell more about a person through watching them listen and respond to you than actually through them talking to you, most people find it easy enough to lie to people about how they feel, but not many can hide our body language. Listening techniques and good body language can portray you as a good listener; here are a few of the techniques Communicating in a health and Social Care setting Using my second placement as an example It's very simple, and obvious that communication between someone in the health care profession and someone looking to receive treatment is vital. Nowadays clients understand that communication is very important and can cause patient or clients to become very unhappy when communication is not successful. ...read more.


just spoke to them individually to help them learn my name, and ask them if they would be willing to take part in a group exercise for part of my coursework. Five people took part in my interaction, four of which were male, this made for a nice cosy atmosphere and meant I didn't have to worry about having to control a very large group The manuscripts of my interactions are to follow at the ends as apendicies; these however will not be complete manuscripts of everything that was said but a short five to six minute cut of the whole conversation. Seating arrangements meant that there were able to wheal the television away and provide me with a chair that I rarely sat on; this was great because it meant that although it the layout did not present a stereotypical semi-circle shape, it provided all the benefits as I was left as everyone's point of attention. When I went in there I asked a series of questions with varying answers and responses allowing those who wanted to, to expand on what the said by trying to ask slightly more open questions than I might normally have asked. Part of first manuscript Me; [at this point I am standing and walking around the space in front of my chair] First off, I have been round to see you individually but just in case you have forgotten, my name is Adam. I have come to see you here today as part of my A level coursework, so don't worry the only one under any pressure here today I can assure you is me. I hope you don't mind but I would like to ask you some questions about your past and hopefully get your viewpoints on some more current issues as well. [now I choose to sit down in my seat] I have an exercise I would like to do, that is if you would be willing, I would like to go around the circle and discuss a date that means something to you, and why. ...read more.


Both mine and his body language was very open and relaxed which I believe is caused by the good rapport we share, due to the fact that I had met him several times prior to the interaction and shared similar sporting interests (we both like Manchester United). Although I did not show it in my manuscript there were plenty of prompts involved in the conversation that I used to try and get him to explain points further. Paraphrasing and reflective listening are also present in our interactions and my manuscript "You hurt your leg?" and "It was your knee that you hurt then..." are examples of this. I made a good attempt at bringing in empathy whilst talking about his injury "...that does sound like a nasty injury". I think that this was a much more successful interaction than the last one, probably due to the good relationship which we share, which goes to shoe that relationships are important for good communication. Analysis of improvement in Communication Before I took lessons in communications I had not heard of either paraphrasing or reflective listening, I took little care in my body language positions, but did try and maintain eye contact when speak or listening. My first interaction I think was a milestone in the utilisation and knowledge of communicational techniques, I utilised paraphrasing and reflective listening and made the best of the seating plan and made an attempt to minimalise confrontation and distraction. I made some mistakes with body language and lacked the authority to cut in and prevent an argument from taking place. Unfortunately the main problems I was confronted with were not addressable with my second interaction, which I think was a prime example of how communication should be carried out, the whole conversation was primarily him talking to me and giving me great practice for my listening skills, there are still a few areas I wish to improve upon with my group interactions so I can continue to practice these, I also need to maintain my levels of confidence and knowledge of techniques when communicating with individuals ...read more.

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