Describe the ideal relationship between parents and children. How do you appreciate your parents and how do they appreciate you?

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Lil Maisky Year 11


-Describe the ideal relationship between parents and children.

-How do you appreciate your parents and how do they appreciate you?

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        Any ideal relationship is based on the appropriate balance in between the commitment and effort of both members concerned. However, the relationship between a parent and child is far more complicated as there is a large amount of responsibility involved. Also, the child is likely to resemble one or both of the parents to a certain extent, but not be as developed or experienced as the parent, thus adding a lot of competition and argumentative aspects to the relationship. This can be more prominently observed when two members of the same sex are involved (mother and daughter…) As the age of the child increases, the responsibility of the parent decreases, most probably proportionally, and this has to be observed by the parent. One has to take into consideration that the child’s young years are all that he/she has experienced and that although it’s existence might only go back as far as a tiny fraction of the parents life, this cannot be understood by the child until a certain age. Therefore, when a child is growing up, it is developing and learning everything at such a quick rate in proportion to the adult’s standards that the parent might not realise when it has to use more lenience in the relationship. This is a main source of argument and conflict. This leads to the fact that the balance in the relationship between the parent and child has to be adapted to the progression of the child and at what stage of independence he/ she is in.

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        When young, a child does not realise the amount of responsibility any adult has in life, in particular his/hers own parent towards him/herself. Especially at a very young age, the parent’s whole lives, (especially that of the mothers) are completely preoccupied with the pure existence and survival of the child. The child, however, probably does not yet have the maturity and experience to comprehend this, and therefore it is not till later that the child will learn to appreciate this, as the responsibility of the parent decreases. However, especially in teenage years, the child can lose consciousness of this and ...

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This is an excellent essay that was wonderful to read and mark. It shows a good understanding of the varying needs of the child and discusses how conflict can arise. If the writer wanted to extend the essay, they could discuss some of the theories that look at how relationships develop and how conflict arises. *****