English Poetry

In this essay I will compare and contrast how relationships with grandparents are presented in Moira Andrews “Child with a cause” and Elizabeth Jennings “My Grandmother”. There are obvious similarities like both authors create a negative image of someone “Child with a cause” the grandfather is portrayed negatively and in “My Grandmother” the grandmother is portrayed as more interested in her antique shop than her granddaughter. Also both children are upset “Child with a cause” with the grandfather because he was angry with the grandmother in “My Grandmother” the author is upset that she was only asked to go out somewhere once by the grandmother. However there are also some obvious differences such as in “Child with a cause” there is melancholy and sadness but in “My Grandmother” there is no emotion or sorrow whatsoever. “Child with a cause” describes the gentle grandmother as very nice and sweet smelling and her only imperfection is that her memory sometimes slips slightly out of gear. The author portrays the grandfather as the hungry beast who expects the grandmother and daughter to stay in their place and gets angry when they leave it. Language has been used to make fast and slow rhythms between stanzas and punctuation has been used to make the reader think about how she must of felt when her grandfather was shouting at her.


        ‘Child with a cause’ describes the grandmother as been very nice and the grandfather as the complete opposite to her he expects his granddaughter and wife to stay in there place and when they leave it he turns into a very angry beast and very intimidating.

Language is used to make the grandmother sound very nice and sweet smelling like the perfect grandmother “She smelled of pears soap and lavender water” this makes her sound great and her only fault is her memory “When grans mind slipped slightly out of gear” the poet makes sure that she makes it seem as if this is only a very small problem but in reality it is actually a much bigger problem than she wishes to let on to the reader.

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Language is then used to make the grandfather sound like the big horrible beast “his shape vultured against the door” then it describes him eating “he tore into his beef stew and mashed potatoes” it portrays him as the hungry beast. He is like a lion bellowing, “how dare you speak to me like that child” the grandfather is very angry with his granddaughter for stepping out of place.

‘My Grandmother’ is about a daughter who felt no grief when her grandmother died “only the guilt of what she once refused” because her grandmother was more interested in ...

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