Role Play to explain factors that may influence the equality of opportunity for individuals

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Farah Mehmood:- Health and Social Care


Barriers to Communication

In health and social care we were told to produce a role play. In the role play we were told to ring a help line for young adults who gave advice e.g. child line or the NHS helpline.

We were told that we were going to be recorded so our teacher could assess how confident we were and how good our role play was. There were some advantages in delivering our role play this way.  Being in a room away from all of the other students and noise in the school was an advantage, as there were no disruptions and we knew that we were not being overheard.  This made the role play seems more real.

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If we had been given a partner who we did not really know, or felt uncomfortable with, the role play would have been more difficult because we would have felt less confident and shy.

There were many barriers to communication in our role play:

  • Knowing that we were being recorded was hard as we felt the pressure of the role play being watched, and we tried very hard not to make any mistakes.  This made me feel nervous and less confident, and my voice began to stutter.

  • Reading off a sheet was difficult as we had ...

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