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The spectrum of teaching styles.

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The type of teaching style adopted by the teacher or coach can affect the learning environment considerably. Teachers have different styles for different situations, their style is developed by many different factors: - > Their personality > Present experience/training/skill > Knowledge of the activity > Textbooks/research Mosston and Ashworth (1886) developed their spectrum of teaching styles in looking at the decisions to be made over what when and how to teach and learn. The spectrum of teaching styles A B C D E F G H I J TEACHERS' DECISION PUPILS' DECISION The letters are defined in the table ...read more.


Improve skill ? Help learners judge level of performance ? Motor development e.g. diving/warm-up C RECIPROCAL * Planned by teacher &done by learners * Clear criteria * More responsibility on pupils ? Encourage social situations ? Provide max. feedback ? Social (& motor) development D SELF-CHECK * Performance criteria essential * Individuals check own performance ? Help learners asses own performance ? Help personal development ? Personal (& motor) development E INCLUSION * Individuals start at own stage an progress appropriately ? ...read more.


Develop problem solving abilities ? Encourage independent thinking ? Promote confidence in learners ideas ? Cognitive and social (plus motor & personal) development H INDIVIDUAL PROGRAMME * Pupil plans & decides the programme * Teacher proposes the subject matter ? Encourage independent planning ? Encourage persistence in completing any task ? Promote self-confidence ? Cognitive and personal (plus motor) development I LEARNER INITIATIVES * Learner decides everything with teachers approval * Learner submits an evaluation to the teacher ? Encourage independence ? Display understanding through selection ? Develop self-confidence ? Cognitive and personal (plus motor) development J SELF- TEACHING The learner is both teacher and learner, working fully independently. ? Cognitive, personal and motor development ...read more.

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