This essay examines the similarities and differences between the German and the English welfare provision

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Compare and contrast the extent of welfare provision in two European countries. Evaluate, in no more than 400 words, the appropriacy of the provision in the context of the early twenty first century.


"Our state reduces more and more its responsibility to provide welfare among the people". This is a statement that you can hear very often saying Germans  about their welfare state in comparison with other welfare systems, as for instance the English system.

This essay examines the similarities and differences between the German and the English welfare provision focusing on the extend to which this provision is provided.  To understand the appropriacy and to discuss the extend of the provision it is helpful, firstly, to start with a brief definition of how these countries define a welfare state, and proceed with the different models that we encounter in Germany and in the UK. We continue with comparing and contrasting the extent of welfare provision in both countries. Since this is a wide area to discuss we concentrate on special provisions for instance the unemployment benefits and health care, since they are considered most relevant to the societies. Related to this analysis, we then highlight the appropriacy of the provision in the twenty first century.

Finally, we come to the conclusion that  the extent of the provision in both countries is similarly extensive but differs  in the amount to which benefits and services are delivered. Furthermore, the argumentation will show that the appropriacy of welfare provision is needed, more than ever with regard to globalisation and poverty.

In general a welfare state is concerned with the welfare that the citizens are provided by their governments. Countries implement social and welfare policies to provide more social security and opportunities to the population. These policies comprises unemployment and disability benefits as well as pensions, child care, education, health care etc., what refers to the extend to which a country is willing to provide for social security measures (provision).

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Due to historical reasons  different types of welfare structures developed.  Beside the general understanding of a welfare state there have also been significant differences in welfare provision regarding the German and the English system. We first consider the German welfare state and than the English before we compare and contrast the extend of provision with regard to unemployment benefits and health care.

The German welfare state was first implemented during the Bismarck era, who implemented the idea of a social state, and was further developed in the background of a ´social market economy´ during the time after the ...

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