Comparing Civil Rights Leaders - Malcolm X and Martin Luther King

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Comparing Civil Rights Leaders

Malcolm X and Martin Luther King

Malcolm X and Martin Luther King were persons who changed black history forever. Their courage and love for their people transcended and surpassed their only boundary: America.

Each one of them did what was possible for them at the time. However, what they achieved, how they achieved it, and their ideologies were different in each leader.

Malcolm X was born in a Baptist family in Nebraska in May 19, 1925. Since little, he always saw violence in the streets as an atmosphere in which everyone fought and tricked just to survive. He was born into a Baptist (father), and Seventh Day Adventist (mother) environment. Malcolm X was influenced by his father who was a nationalist and a follower of Marcus Garvey’s UNIA. After getting out of jail he was convinced that there was a “white devil” roaming everywhere.

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In contrast to Malcolm X’s childhood, Martin was born and raised in a middle-class family, in which his family provided their children with “a very congenial home,” including “the basic necessities of life,” and important role-models of the race for them to follow. His father was a Baptist, and also believed deeply in integrationism. Martin went to a prestigious college and learned from working with white classmates, that blacks and whites can live together peacefully with the right medium.

Martin was certain that non-violence was the best weapon to achieve integrationism in America, because he believed that we were all ...

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