Explain Trotsky's contribution to the success of the Bolsheviks up to 1922

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Explain Trotsky’s contribution to the success of the Bolsheviks up to 1922

Even before Trotsky was a Bolshevik, he contributed to the ideals of communism. With his great skills as an orator and his natural intelligence, he travelled around the world, advocating communism and its benefits and he did this alongside writing articles and books to spread the ideas of communism internationally. This contributed to communist movement by raising awareness of the ideals of communism, often in non and anti communist countries.

After a long exile Trotsky arrived back in Russia in May 1917. He disapproved of the support that many leading  were now giving to the  and the war effort and so in July he joined the . The new Prime Minister, , realized that Trotsky was a major threat to his government and had him arrested.

On 7th September, General  demanded the resignation of the Cabinet and the surrender of all military and civil authority to the . Kerensky responded by dismissing Kornilov from office and ordering him back to Petrograd. Kornilov began to disrupt the peace in Russia, and forged an army, in an attempt to conquer the provisional government. Kornilov regarded the provisional government as weak and thought they would eventually destroy Russia. Kornilov marched his army to Petrograd, which had no army to defend itself. Kerensky realizing the imminent danger called on the Soviets and the Red Guards to defend Petrograd. Trotsky was released and on 23rd of September after which he was elected chairmen of the Petrograd Soviet. He immediately helped to enlist 25,000 armed recruits to defend Petrograd. While the Petrograd Soviet army dug trenches and fortified the city, delegations of soldiers were sent out to talk to the advancing troops. Meetings were held and Kornilov's troops eventually decided to refuse to attack Petrograd. This was an inadvertent, but major contribution to the Bolsheviks. If Trotsky had not managed to stop the revolt, it would have been likely that Kornilov would have succeeded in conquering the Provisional government. If the Provisional Government were conquered, it would be very doubtful that the Bolsheviks would manage to seize power. This victory also helped Trotsky as a person, helping him gain the respect, support and the trust of the Russian people.

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Trotsky’s next, and most important contribution, was that of the November revolution. Lenin placed Trotsky in charge of how the rising should take place. This was a vital job, as the slightest mistake could lead to failure, but Trotsky executed his task flawlessly. Throughout the summer, Trotsky has been training Bolshevik agents. He sent the agents into factories throughout Petrograd, to poison the people against the Provisional Government and to instruct people on what to do if/when a revolution would take place. Trotsky himself used his great oratory skills to preach to the people about a revolution, especially after the ...

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