Henry VII, Luther and the Reformation

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Henry VII and the Reformation

* Making peace: Married Elizabeth of York to bring York and Lancaster together. Tudor Rose. Gave a pardon to Yorkists in return for their loyalty.

* Money: Kept England out of wars. Tax collection-he made the system more organised and efficient. He took a personal interest in tax collection- he signed the accounts!. “Loans” taken from nobles. Huge fines in Star Chamber. Treaties with Spain and France encouraged trade as well as arranging marriages. Taxes were ruthlessly collected ending with Henry getting the reputation as being a King that loved money above all other things.

* Law and order: Henry strengthened the Law by creating Justices of the Peace (local judges) who had the power to arrest suspects and put them on trial.

* Powerful Nobles: Henry made the nobles give him “LOANS” of large sums of money. Henry did not repay these loans. This INCREASED Henry‟s wealth and DECREASED the wealth and power of the Nobility. Henry outlawed private armies. All soldiers were then commanded by the King. The Court of Star Chamber was created specifically for nobles that committed crimes. Henry was the Judge. The punishments were huge fines.

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* France, Scotland and Spain: He made political marriages for children with each of these countries. This turned enemies into friends (allies). He arranged a marriage between Arthur and Catherine of Aragon (Spain) when he signed the treaty of Medina del Campo in 1489. The treaty of Etaples in 1492 made peace between England and France and eventually led to a marriage between Henry‟s daughter, Mary, and the heir to the French throne. The Treaty of Perpetual Peace with Scotland made in 1502 arranged for Henry‟s eldest daughter, Mary to marry the King of Scotland.

* Martin Luther was born ...

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