How did relations between USA & USSR change in the years 1955-62?

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How did relations between USA & USSR change in the years 1955-62?

Between the years of 55-62 there were a lot of significant changes in the attitudes of each country. Over the seven-year period each side experienced it’s own ups and downs, as well as awkward situations.  Many significant events such as the Warsaw pact and the Arms race occurred creating stressful times for both of the countries leaders.

The Warsaw pact was supposedly a counter move by the Soviets against the aggressive NATO alliance that featured a joining of western European states. The pact also formed due to West Germany’s joining of the NATO alliance. It was similar to NATO in the way that if any one of the countries joined to the treaty, members would support each other. This then started to create more tension after a few years of momentary peace, after the end of the Korean War and the death of Stalin, both in 1953. This caused fear because the armed forces of the Warsaw pact highly outnumbered those of NATO, although NATO was ahead on nuclear technology.

During February 1956, a new leader took over the USSR, a man named Khrushchev, he set out his policy of De-Stalinisation, portraying Stalin as a cruel leader of Russia and that his system of government should be dismantled. These policies then went ahead and he cut back on military spending, closed down the Cominform, changed Stalingrad to Volgograd, reduced the KGB and released many political prisoners. He also said the” two ways for Russia was either a peaceful co-existence with America or the most destructive war in history”. This sent a very powerful message to the other world leaders as it gave a moment of future peace. If peace became apparent though it gave advantages to communism making victory inevitable. These ideas gave hope of people being able to run their own country unlike under Stalin’s rule where the satellites of Russia had been tied to Moscow.

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1956 gave Khrushchev his first problem under his new job as leader; it was the decision of Imre Nagy the leader of Hungary, to withdraw from the Warsaw pact. This meant that Khrushchev could not allow much freedom to Hungary because it may cause other countries bound to the Warsaw pact might follow Hungary’s lead and also try to desert it.  Khrushchev could also not afford to show any weakness due to the instability of his own position. The Hungarians then held demonstrations in Budapest, which led to fighting with the AVO, the Hungarian secret police, and the demonstrations ...

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