How successful was the New Deal and why has it been the subject of so much controversy?

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According to C. Vann Woodard, “Franklin D. Roosevelt and his new deal have been both credited with recovery from the depression and blamed for the failure of recovery’. How successful was the New Deal and why has it been the subject of so much controversy?

Franklin D Roosevelt introduced the New Deal with the aim to help improve the conditions within America and to bring the country out of the great depression. To do this Roosevelt needed to consider what would not only stop the depression but also to prevent a re-occurrence.  

After the event of the Wall Street Crash people were left living in unsuitable conditions and most were unemployed, to overcome this Roosevelt had to introduce acts, which would help the condition of the population and regain trust. Within the first one hundred days of the New Deal Roosevelt had closed the banks for four days and passed the Federal Emergency Relief Act, this gave the treasury power to investigate all banks threatened with collapse, although this did not help any of those already affected by the wall street crash, it prevented any more banks from suffering and helped gain trust back into the banking system.  This was followed by the Publics Works Act, this aimed to give people job’s such as building roads and library’s to get people back into work and reduce the number of employment, it was hoped that this would in turn lead to economic recovery, however although in theory this seemed to be a well thought out plan in reality this was on the case, funds were limited to $1 per day and some states refused to participant, regarding these set backs the Public Works Act was the first time the government had taken responsibility.  

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These acts provided people with relief and seemed to have achieved their target in the short time Roosevelt had to prove the New Deal, however not only did they give short time relief they also showed long term benefits, the banking system had improved considerably, the Glass-Steagall Act meant no personal loans were to be taken by banking officials and insurance funds were registered with a new agency, and due to the Reconstruction Finance Corporation the value of the dollar was falling, this meant more money would be used in circulation and therefore improving the economic system.

However this ...

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