Letter to Tsar Nicholas II about Russia's problems

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Dear noble Tsar,

I am writing to you with great displeasure to inform you of an unfortunate issue which must be faced immediately. I will not try to divert the topic- Russia is in need of adjustment.

I am sure that, because you are a very busy, hard-working Tsar you have not seen all of the problems that your great country faces. I, on the other hand, have lived in Moscow, our great St. Petersburg, and a large number of poor (and well-established) villages. I believe that there is a lot of great change in store for Russia, and I am sincerely hoping that you will consider my points and take my advice on this.

I am very gland that, over the last decade, the industrial revolution has allowed Russia to keep up with the Western countries, and that we are able to keep up with modern industrial advancements. It was an important decision, and I am very glad you accepted the terms. There is one thing, however, that Russia has not improved, and that is working and living conditions for working class men and women. I understand, of course, that these peoples are not worth a very large sum, and that our dept situation will make it extremely difficult to improve this problem, but I greatly suggest that you attempt to convince our foreign investors to fund in more for not only the quality of life for them, but allow them to receive a greater wage. There are many reasons why this shall be an important step towards a greater nation, and here I will represent the major one.

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Firstly, It will regain the worker’s trust and stop them from trying to start a rebellion. Throughout my travels, I have heard the word ‘rebellion’ pop up in their mouths  on multiple occasions, and I believe the workers may be blaming their harsh conditions on you. I am sure that, in your mind, the best tactic would be to somehow change their notions by violence, but I assure you, this time violence could only make matters worse. It will ‘prove’ to them that you do not care for their problems and it may further motivate them to begin a ...

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